Perpetually clumsy, Hershey is but a girl in search of truth, purpose, and her Why in life. People call her an extrovert. A people-person. Sorority girl. Workaholic. Always down for fun. Laughs at almost anything. Kinda gets too noisy at times. Yougettheidea. But deep inside, all this self-confessed fashion girl really enjoys are taking long walks, sipping green tea, and reading self-help books and shampoo labels. A copywriter by profession, and a storyteller at heart, she dreams of one day going around the world to teach children how to read. She likes going places, but since she's still saving up for her own car, she makes do with bus rides. Window seat—with a book on her lap. She word vomits over at (Instagram @heyhershey, Twitter @heyhersheyy)