3 Reasons Why Filipino Millennials Need a Dashcam Today

With traffic volumes up at an all time record, millennial Pinoys need a dashcam now more than ever. Here are 3 reasons why:

3. A dash cam gives you peace of mind.

I see at least one counterflowing car a week, dozens of motorbikes overtaking from the shoulder, a handful of madmen who zip from lane to lane without even signaling, and countless drivers texting or taking calls while on the road.

With the government failing to crack down on errant drivers (because they choose to spend their time getting rid of tints and suggesting “creative” number coding systems), it’s up to you to stay safe. If you have a dash cam, video evidence will back you up if ever you’re involved in an accident (knock on wood). Without one, well, sometimes it’s his word against yours, or just simply palakasan at the precinct.

2. It can back you up against kotong traffic enforcers!

Second, a dash cam can provide footage of pasaway drivers, crimes, and modus operandi. It would be hard for a kotong enforcer to milk some cash from you, especially if you have a dash cam with video to prove you did nothing wrong, complete with audio to record the bribery attempt.

You may have seen the video of a bus driver going berserk on EDSA and plowing over the orange barriers, or recordings of inconsiderate counterflowing cars. How about carnap or hold-up attempts? All these could be captured by a decent dash cam with circular recording technology. 

1. You can use it for your road trips!

On a more positive note, whether you’re headed up north to La Union or south to Legazpi, a dash cam can also record happy road trips and scenic views. If you pick a dash cam with a wide-angle lens and HD resolution, those videos are sure to be a win on social media. Just make sure to save the file right after you take it!

If you’re now thinking of looking for a nice dash cam to invest in, I got you covered. The Abee M6 provides great value for money, with all the features mentioned above, plus a whole lot more. The M6 writes over old files, and takes videos in 2, 3, or 5 minute intervals as you drive. Like I mentioned earlier, the M6 can record audio as well (although you can turn it off). It features a wide-angle lens like a GoPro, which considerably flattens its profile relative to other dash cams.

I really got to appreciate the simplicity and functionality of the Abee M6 – it was amazingly easy to install in the car with the standard suction cap mount. Adjusting the settings with its four navigation keys was a walk in the park too. 

Though my car was heavily tinted, the functionality of the M6 wasn’t reduced in any way. Even at night and in dimly lit streets, the M6 could still capture other cars’ plate numbers, traffic lights, and obstacles in the road.  In broad daylight, performance was superb, with the 3-megapixel camera taking in many different details.

No more rain problems with your bestfriend in the road Abee Dashcam M6!

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The M6 can start recording automatically from the moment you rev your engine.

Watch the video below to see how the Abee M6 does in broad daylight:

In addition, compared to other dash cams, there’s markedly better performance in the M6 in low-light-and-heavy-tint situations, and the circular and automatic recording are solid features as well.

Whether you’ve been driving for years or you’ve just purchased your first car, the Abee M6 dash cam is the one for you!

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