Here’s the Perfect Way to Enjoy Cold Brew in the Heat

My dad once told me that this tropical country only has 2 seasons— hot and hotter. I laughed at the Dad Joke not because it was funny, but because it was true. Let’s face it: It’s almost always hot in the Philippines. That’s why I like to keep things cool—whether it’s my air conditioning, my disposition, my circle of friends, or even my coffee.

My job requires me to attend events, meet new people (aka sit through over three hours of small talk and struggle to stay awake), and pull off all nighters to write articles, which is quite a challenge when you’re a perpetually sleepy girl. My coffee of choice? Cold brew.

Cold Brew is the perfect drink to fuel you up for a looooong day of hustling, since it has more caffeine content and is more concentrated than your regular cup of coffee. It’s also less bitter, too! That’s because it’s brewed for over 12 hours using room temperature water.

One cold brew brand I particularly like is Man on the Moon.

Man on the Moon Cold Brew 1 copy

Tip: Freeze your bottle of Man on the Moon cold brew and enjoy it extra cool!

Man on the Moon is a home-based cold-brew business on Instagram that delivers coffee straight to your doorstep.  So if you’re feeling groggy and need some cosmic energy in a bottle, you know who to call. The folks over at Man on the Moon know just what you need for your coffee fix.

They offer a variety of flavors: Black Hole, Milky Way, Summer Solstice, and my favorite, Nebula.

Man on the Moon Cold Brew copy

Black Hole (PHP 140)  is Man on the Moon’s flagship product. It’s purely coffee that’s been steeped for 12 hours, and contains a blend of Brazil, Sumatra, and Benguet. If you like your coffee strong, this is for you.


Anti-gravity. Want one? ???? Order 3 and get your 4th bottle at P40 off! #manonthemoon #tothemoonandback #coldbrew

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Milky way (PHP 150)  is your original Black Hole jazzed up with milk and honey. It’s perfect for people who prefer their coffee less bitter!


Summer Solstice (PHP 150)  is cold brew infused with refreshing lemon zest and lemon juice.


And finallly, Nebula (PHP 170) is cold brew mixed with matcha and milk. This is my fave because it kinda reminds me of green tea-flavored Kit Kat! Can anyone say awesome??


Anyway, I also wanted to share another way to enjoy cold brew—other than freezing it, that is. (Thanks to the guys behind Man on the Moon for teaching me this!) This hack is actually inspired by YDG Coffee‘s signature affloatgatto. All you need is cold brew and ice cream.

Simply pour your favorite bottle of cold brew in a glass, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (I used Double Dutch in this photo because we ran out of vanilla), and voila! A jazzed up version of cold brew that you can enjoy at home!

Man on the Moon 2

Man on the Moon
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