LOOK: You Can Now Take Instagram Photos With Paper!

Fellow old souls would totally relate with this: Don’t you sometimes miss how we captured memories back in the old days, before the era of smartphones and mirrorless cameras? The simplicity of taking each photograph, and the excitement we felt every time we pressed the shutter, not knowing whether we got a good shot or not?

There’s awesome news for you, then. You can finally take photos the old school way again, and this time, with paper! Yup, you heard that right!

Paper Shoot, the first ever digital camera made of paper in the Philippines, is a quirky and eco-friendly point-and-shoot made out of stone paper. It’s the size of a cassette tape (Wew! Talk about throwback!), and it’s here to bring back the sense of surprise inherent in the traditional method of photography.

With Paper Shoot, you get the best of both worlds: you can shoot spontaneously, and then discover what you’ve captured on your laptop afterwards!

papershoot 8 1

Paper Shoot comes in stylish designs! 

One thing I love about this super quirky camera is that you can get your hands on different casings! They’ve got everything for everyone—from floral prints and wooden patterns, to corgi butt designs! I called dibs on this one ’cause I like fluffy butts and I can’t lie!

papershoot 11

The fun part was getting to assemble your camera on your own!

My Paper Shoot box set had 1 camera unit, 1 casing, 1 micro usb cable, 1 strap, 2 brass fasteners, and 2 backup plastic fasteners.



Here’s a quick rundown of specs…

-5 Megapixel CMOS sensor digital camera

-has four shooting modes: normal, black and white, sepia, and blue

-is powered by 2 AAA batteries

-uses an SD card to save images

-has a one button system (on/shutter/off)

-has a micro USB for photo export

-supports up to 32GB SD card & Wi-Fi SD card

-ISO 100 and F/2.8 aperture

-has a lens focal length of 35 mm


papershoot 12

Shooting time!

The first time I took this novelty camera for a spin, I must admit that I had a bit of a trouble making sure my photos were neither blurred nor out of frame. I also had to get used to not seeing my photos immediately after taking them. But then again, that’s the beauty of it! Paper Shoot takes us back to the old days where we created memories in such simple ways.

Papershoot 1

Take this photo, for example. My boyfriend and I took this shot while we were out on a date. Because of work, we weren’t able to spend quality time together for quite a few days, and it was only then when we were able to sit down face-to-face and talk for hours. Sure, this photo could have been framed better, but I think it’s beautiful in its own way. Whenever I see this photo, I remember how, despite our busy schedules, we took things slowly and easy that day—just like how this photo was snapped: slowly and carefully.


papershoot 2

The Paper Shoot camera comes in 4 built-in filters: normal, black and white, blue, and sepia.

Here’s a shot using the normal filter…

papershoot 3 2

…and here’s one using the black and white filter.


papershoot 5

This one’s taken with the blue mode…



…while this one was taken using sepia!

papershoot 6

And as I mentioned earlier, with Paper Shoot, you do get the best of both worlds! You can take photos ala old school, and still save your files on your laptop, so you can post them on Facebook and Instagram!


papershoot 4



-super lightweight

-casings are interchangeable and water-repellent

-fun and easy to use



-a nostalgic way to create memories



-of course, this camera isn’t a D-SLR, so don’t expect too much on photo resolution! 🙂

-from my experience, the batteries I’ve been using run out fast

-framing pictures can be a challenge



Would I recommend this?

Yes! I would recommend the Paper Shoot camera for camera enthusiasts and novelty collectors. And because this is lightweight and super easy to use, I would also recommend it as an awesome first camera for little kids!

What do you think about this camera? Share your thoughts with us!

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