WATCH: This Foreign Couple Invited Girls From A Red-Light District To Their Wedding In the Philippines

“Before we were engaged, we talked about what our wedding would be like, and I asked her, ‘Melissa, if you could do anything for your wedding, what would you do? Who would you want to be there?‘, and she said, ‘If I could do anything…then I would have my Filipino girls be there— the girls I’ve helped rescue.

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Foreign couple Randall and Melissa spent three nights along the streets of a red-light district to invite strangers to their wedding. They held the very intimate ceremony at an unrestored building in Angeles Cityan old church where Melissa lived in for a year.

Indeed, their wedding may be very different from the usual, but it is without a doubtbeautiful, and it has touched the hearts of many people.

This 7-minute video by Filterpan Photography on love and faith will move you to tears.

RANDALL & MELISSA WEDDING from filterpan on Vimeo.

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