PRENUP GOALS: Camera-Shy Couple Foregoes Acting, Uses Stop Motion Instead

Acting in front of a camera isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea, but since prenup videos are all the rage in the wedding industry, this Filipino couple opted to go with a stop motion video instead—and honestly, I thought it was a super cute idea!

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 Filterpan Photography released Peter and Dianne’s prenup video (which was shot at the majestic, beautiful land of Italy, no big deal) with this caption:

“Not everyone is a fan of acting in front of a video camera, but most couples want to bring home a unique and memorable prenup video. So to relieve the pressure of acting, we did a photo session instead. Here’s what we came up with in this awesome prenup short featuring thousands of photos knitted into a video!”

This video made me smile! How did it make you feel? Share your thoughts with us!


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