These ‘Stranger Things’-inspired Sneakers Are Must-Have for Fans

It seems that the Stranger Things fever is far from over. Upside Down-themed products keep on sprouting here and there since the third season’s release and products such as board games and clothing pieces have been on every fan’s wishlist. Prepare to add another item to that list–this new exclusive pair of Upside Down sneakers.

The limited-edition kicks have various details that were drawn from the hit TV series. The heel of the right shoe displays the Stranger Things logo while the sole features sketches inspired from the show. But wait, there’s more! If you remove the sole, you can find a hidden code printed underneath. On the left side is the secret Russian code that Steve, Dustin, and Robin found. The other side contains the English translation of it. Check out the pictures of the sneakers below.

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We can definitely imagine fashion icon Steve Harrington rocking these.

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