LOOK: There’s a ‘Stranger Things’ Edition of Monopoly!

Are you done binge-watching the latest season of Stranger Things? If yes, then we got something for you which can help you wait for the next season (which might take up to a year). Monopoly just hopped on the Stranger Things craze by releasing a collector’s edition of their famous board game.


Photo via monopoly.hasbro.com

What makes this unique is that players are given the choice between 80s-inspired token and tokens which are “ripped from the Upside Down.” Apart from that, they also changed the Community Chest and Chance Cards to the Walkie Talkie and Blinking Lights Cards. Forts and Hideouts also replace the usual Houses and Hotels.


Photo via monopoly.hasbro.com

The Stranger Things Collector’s Edition is now available at the Monopoly website for $24.99 (around Php 1,200).

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