Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits That Prove the Stranger Things Cast and Crew are Friends Off Camera, Too!

One of the reasons Stranger Things is so fun to watch is the cast. And part of the reason they have such great chemistry on screen is because they’re friends in real life, too.

“I believe every year we get even closer, I mean it really does feel like a family now with the cast and the crew on Stranger Things. It’s always fun to come back,” says Ross Duffer, one of the creators of the popular series, of what it feels like to be on set.

His brother, and co-creator for Stranger Things, Matt adds: “We’re all very close, we’re all very comfortable with one another and everyone relaxed into it,” he says of filming the new season. “At the same time everyone is pretty confident about what works and what isn’t working with the show.”

Below, the cast of Stranger Things 3 shares candid moments behind-the-scenes that show they’re friends off camera, too!

Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), on her favorite scene to film this season:

“All my scenes in the mall having fun with Sadie [Sink], because it was so natural and organic. Sadie’s my best friend in real life. Nobody had to tell us what to do. It was just like two teenage girls playing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and having the best time.

Sadie Sink (Max), on how the cast welcomed her:

“It kind of feels like I’ve always been here. The cast was just so welcoming right from the start. I think on the first day that I met Millie, we went to an Adele concert together. And then we were just hanging out non-stop. It was like I had been there the whole time.”

Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), on hanging out off camera:

“We all have a lot of fun on set. This season we were able to have the summer break, so we didn’t have to go back and forth from set to school. So when we weren’t on set, we would all chill and hang out.”

Noah Schnapp (Will), on hanging out off camera:

“I love being back. We always have fun because we’re so close and like best friends! We pull pranks on each other, for example, me and Millie, for instance. I mean, we’re always just having so much fun! This year, because we filmed in the summer, we didn’t have to do school throughout the summer and had more time off set, which was great. It’s kinda like a family. We just play around. Nothing’s ever too serious, even though everyone is super professional and on their A game. But at the end of the day, we’re all just having fun and love what we’re doing together.”

Charlie Heaton (Jonathan), on breaking character:

“I’m probably the worst actually in terms of when we’re doing scenes. There is a lot of laughing. We all are breaking a lot and having to redo takes because we can’t be that serious. And if I’m with the kids, I think my mental age just goes down. And I’m the worst. I’m always the first one to laugh and ruin everyone’s take.”

David Harbour (Hopper), on the family atmosphere on set:

“We’re sort of becoming just such a family at this point that it just feels such a part of my life, like all these people. Certainly when we shoot, there is an intensity to what we’re doing. But I feel like we’re all just kind of in each other’s lives now. It’s a weird extended family. When we came back together, we were all excited and we were taking risks this season that we didn’t know if we could pull off. We were definitely amped up about those risks.”

Ross Duffer (creator, producer, director), on working with the kids on day 1:

“The general fun thing is that everyone is very serious about their craft, even when they’re eleven years old and they were very professional. They were wonderful, but at the same time they were kids. And I think that made the set so much fun for everyone, because there was a sense of play and there was a sense of joy. But at the same time once you started rolling, everyone just brought it.”

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