These ‘HOT’ Teachers Will Make You Want to ‘Review Harder for Your Tests!’

In school and in life, the one who comes prepared is always a step ahead. It helps big time if you know how to answer the questions thrown at you, which is why reviewing your past experiences and practicing new and improved ways at life are always key to anyone’s success. Although it may seem very tedious, and at times boring, getting inspiration from people who push us to learn is a big, big help… most especially if they’re HOT!

We gathered some study tips and other life tips from some of the ‘hottest’ teachers around.

Aside from their good looks, these campus crushes appear to be well loved by the students and colleagues. Hence, it just goes to show that beauty, brains, and heart is always a spectacular combination!

8. Guiller Augustin Carpio


Guiller or Gab is a Registered Nurse. He served as a teacher at the Manila Tytana Colleges under the Faculty of Manila Doctors College of Nursing from 2012 to 2016. Right now, he is in Singapore, working as a research assistant at the National University of Singapore.

A life tip from his Facebook page, “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

7. Regina Stephanie Cruz


Stephanie is a professor at the University of Santo Tomas under the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. She also finished her Masters Degree in Home and Restaurant Management! A beautiful and intelligent lady, she also is an adventurer as she shows to be a fan of football and she loves to travel.

She shared this video on her social media and the underlying message is to “Never doubt your potential! Keep trying!”

7. Renz Christian Argao


Renz is a psychology instructor from the University of Santo Tomas. He is a Registered Psychologist and a Registered Psychometrician. He describes himself as an educator, a clinician, and a community psychologist.

A useful life tip on his social media:


5. Leatrice Lu


Leatrice is a History of Art and Architecture Professor at the College of Saint Benilde. She has been featured on style and design stories like this one and this one. One of her lovely experiences, she mentioned in one these interviews was, “You see your students pushing boundaries and constantly reaching for greater heights. These talented kids go out of their comfort zones and embrace what is outside of their present realm of experiences. That is the catalyst to realizing their full potential as future interior designers.”

She seems to be really proud of her students as she shares their achievements often. She is also quite the traveler.

4. Marjay Igpuara


Marjay is a professor from the Bulacan State University. He is a man of the academe, finishing his Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration from the University of the East and Master’s Degree of Business Administration from the University of the Philippines.

This inspiring note is found from his Facebook page: “[I] am a product of a broken family but that does not hold me down. In fact, it’s my inspiration to do good, to strive harder. My friends say I am weird and unpredictable. Maybe, because I think differently. “

Goes to show that sometimes being different is a good thing.

3. Alyanna Reyes


Alyanna, or Teacher Yan Yan, is a teacher at the International School Manila. She graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas. She describes herself as “half human, half amazing” and to be “killing people with kindness” which we bet is what she imparts to her students.

2. Michael Prince del Rosario


Michael was a high school dropout who topped the 2016 Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). He dropped out of high school due to a certain distraction – he got so hooked playing Ragnarok.

He had a second shot to education after he took the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Alternative Learning System (ALS) and passed. This system required reviewing a module to pass an exam and then receive a diploma. After taking this, he became eligible for college.

This year, Michael scored 92% in the LET, topping the said exam. He currently teaches a science course in a public provincial secondary school. His objective for now is to continue sharing his story to uplift students.

His inspiring tip, “I want to share my experience in high school so that there will be more people like me, who in the past fell, made a mistake and had no direction, but is now thriving because of a dream.”

1. Jon Tse


Jon is the Education Ambassador to the Philippines for Zookal, a free mobile app packed with reviewers and learning materials for Filipinos. Jon together with his team developed Zookal to serve a greater purpose, more than just making reviewing for exams fun, he also intends to provide free and unlimited practice test access to students who cannot afford to pay for expensive reviewer services in the Philippines. 

Zookal currently has over 40,000 practice multiple-choice questions designed for various entrance tests for schools, colleges, and universities like the UPCAT; the National Achievement Test, as well as licensure examinations for professionals, and those wanting to work in the government who needs to pass the Civil Service exam. The app currently has more than 130,000 users in the Philippines since its launch in September this year.

“I look forward to a better tomorrow for these young, underprivileged, but very talented individuals who burn the midnight oil in all hopes to provide their families a better shot at life. Being an education ambassador is more than just providing all these tools and knowledge; it actually involves a lot of caring for others’ welfare with a strong faith and a positive outlook that someday, the little help we give through Zookal would make a lot of difference,” said Jon.

Zookal is free to download. You can get it for Android and iOS.  

And as a bonus, you can follow Jon Tse on his Facebook page here



Where or who do you draw inspiration to review? What are your review tips? Share them with us!

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