The V Party Series Goes 90’s!

The V Party Series Goes 90’s!

Victoria Court Malate opened its doors to the first ever event in its new Party Wing. In collaboration with Fox International Channels, Victoria Court launched the #VPartySeriesGoes90s.

In tradition with creating everything thematic, the team decided on making the party everything about the 90’s, one of the best party decades ever.

Careful planning started 2 months ago when the concept slowly began to form. During that time, National Geographic, one of Fox’s channels, launched its series the 90’s: the decade that connected us, and because it was such a hit, why not make it the theme for our upcoming event? We were all 90’s babies and enjoyed the music, food and even the clothing.
So it was decided, we were going to have the Ultimate Throwback to the 90’s.

The V Party Series Goes 90's!Ian King, Tanya Llana and the VC Ambassadors Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero

Everything is about the 90’s. Victoria Court, Fox International Channels with the help of MITH (Making it happen Event Coordinators) planned every detail to be about an era where we first met icons like Kurt Cobain, Mariah Carey, JLO aka Jenny from the block then, and Beyonce who was still part of Destiny’s Child. First, logistics.

Setting up Victoria Court Malate was going to be difficult. We had to plan for rain. Even our bathroom signs said Dudes for men and Chicas for women. Another hit was the candies, especially Stay Fresh and White Rabbit. Next, a 90’s menu. Mexican food broke out during the 90’s, so we worked around that. Lastly, the music. Amazing DJs Joey Santos and David Ardiente deserve a standing ovation. All these little details set the mood for the entire night.

The V Party Series Goes 90's!DJ Joey Santos

We were amazed at the turnout. More than 200 guests arrived starting as early as 8pm. It helped that we had free flowing Tiger Beer chilled Below Zero, Russian Vodka Cocktails and Red Bull keeping the party goers up all night. The DJs started their set at 9pm and played ’til way past 1 am. Each time the DJ would take a break, the MITH team would have a simple game which reminded the attendees about the 90s and they get to party with the celebrities.

The first game was POG with our very own Managing Director Ian King, then a drinking game with Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero and finally, a Macarena dance challenge with Magic 89.9 DJ’s Suzy and Nikko Ramos. We also had an award for Best in costume. Surprisingly, everyone came in their best 90’s costume. No one was bored. Everyone was dancing, eating, drinking and having fun.

The V Party Series Goes 90's!Macarena Dance Showdown

A first of many. Hopefully, the #VPartySeriesGoes90s opens doors for future clients and showed our guests that they can now book the whole Victoria Court Malate Party Wing for their event. We do not only cater to the Party Suite Market but are now expanding to functions that can accommodate 250 people. Plus we can customise your party to the theme that you want. We are changing the game and not only offer you rooms to party in but we now have grounds for much bigger “thematic” events. Why drink and drive? If you get drunk at our events, all you have to do is walk up to your room and sleep it off.

The V Party Series Goes 90's!

We are looking forward to hosting your next big party here and are excited to serve you soon. Book the Victoria Court Malate Party Wing for your next thematic event.

For parties beyond ordinary… only at Victoria Court.

Victoria Court

The V Party Series Goes 90’s!

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