Victoria Court: Awesome Thematic Party Rooms For Awesome Celebrations!

Victoria Court: Awesome Thematic Party Rooms For Awesome Celebrations!


When In Manila and looking for an awesome party place matched with sumptuous food serviced and the utmost courtesy from the staff, I have found the perfect place for you – designed with cool thematic rooms and fun atmosphere to boot: Victoria Court!


Victoria Court has a wide array of themed rooms boasting of designs that scream of glamour, mystery and fantasy – topped with deliciously prepared menus and drinks that are just right for everybody served by accommodating staff members.

Okay, let’s be honest… When we hear people talking about Victoria Court, one thing will pop up in our minds: a drive-in motel. Victoria Court is well-known as one of the classiest motels in the metro offering first class amenities with big rooms and thematic atmosphere. They take privacy to the utmost level matched with courtesy and prompt service from their staff.


Little did I know, Victoria Court is also known for holding great parties! To date, they have catered to a lot of birthday bashes, bridal showers and stag parties, surprise parties and a whole lot more! Wow, this just shows how innocent I am! It is even a photoshoot venue for When In Manila’s ‘Intimate Manila’, showcasing the hot and sexy One FC Ring Girl – Ms. Maya T (Read the latest Intimate Manila feature with OneFC Ring Girl, Maya T: 

Recently, me and my friends were able to hold an awesome surprise birthday bash for a great friend of ours with Victoria Court – Cuneta branch. We felt really groovy and excited that time preparing, planning and working out the details on how to celebrate our friend’s birthday gift worth remembering and Victoria Court gave us the greatest venue to hold our little shindig!



6Victoria-Court-When-In-ManilaFresh bouquet of pink flowers, cake, party poppers, an amazing room, great food and even greater friends made this an awesome surprise party!

Planning a party can be difficult and tiring, but nothing has to be difficult if you have spectacular friends who are game and ready to help you out! I am just so lucky to find these people at my workplace, so this party is just fitting for us to enjoy a hard day’s work!

The Victoria Court staff and management helped us all throughout the planning process. They let us decide which suite would fit our taste plus what food package we would like to be served for the night. Choosing a room is the hardest, since most of their rooms are all wonderful! Each party suite are individually designed depending on a theme so imagine my surprise upon my very first visit on a motel. Never did I imagine that I would see a motel as fun and as playful as Victoria Court’s! I’m proud to say that now, I am a first-timer no more!

My friends and I have decided to book their “Iron Man” room simply because it has a very wide space to move around and it is designed with a fun atmosphere – exactly what we like in a party place!




Our party suite was inspired by (of course) Iron Man, where the fantasy of this Marvel Superhero comes alive! Aside from the huge life-sized Iron Man statue and memorabilia, the room is also air conditioned (and it gets really cold, mind you!), and has cable television, telephone and a huge bed! The room also has a very fast Wi-Fi connection, so everyone at the party can go crazy sharing what’s happening in the party live in their social media networks! 
Have I mentioned that the room has a really cool hot tub, too? Yep, just imagine all the fun things you can do late at night with bubbles and water!


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Preparations are all set and we are all ready to party, except for the birthday girl! Since this is a surprise bash for her, planning behind her back is very difficult, especially when you see each other everyday at work! What’s even harder is how to get her go to a motel without feeling dubious. But in the end, after all that meticulous organizing, she still made it to Victoria Court and imagine her surprise when she opens the door and all of us shouting and cheering “HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY!!!” 






And here is a video of our surprise welcome for her! If you don’t mind the high-pitched screaming, I advise you to lower your speaker volume for awhile =)

The surprise welcome was indeed a success! She really had no idea what was in store for her behind that party door! LOL