The Noodles are Served COLD in this Ramen House, but Trust Us—IT WORKS

Written by Keith Carandang (@keithcarandang)

Summer’s finally here!  Along with the 3 H’s that comes with it: hot, hazy, and humid. The past few days have been sooooo hot that everything becomes that much harder to finish. I mean, who could concentrate when you’re sweating bullets on the job? Alas, while summer means fun family and barkada outings at the beach, it also means giving up some of the things we love like cozy sweaters, hot chocolate…and ramen.

But wait, that sounds almost too painful. Giving up ramen?? Impossible, especially if you’re ramen-crazy like me and looking for the perfect new summer food to try. So look no further because here’s my favorite ramen place to the rescue! Ramen Nagi has just re-launched its Tsukemen and Tonkatsumen, and they’re only available for a limited time, so you better read up and hurry!

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen Tsukemen 1

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen Tsukemen 2

Summer has always been a time for meeting new people, discovering new places, and trying new things. You can definitely check off one out of 3 when you try their new flavors because these are no ordinary ramen bowls. The Tonkatsumen and Tsukemen are served with noodles separate from their dippings, unlike their original ramen Butao King and my personal favorite, Black King.

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen Tsukemen 7

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen Tsukemen 5

The noodles are served COLD, making it the perfect summer alternative to their regular bowls. You might be a little intimidated to try it, but trust us, this is how the Japanese do it and we all know they’ve got good food.

Aside from being served cold, the noodles are topped by Nagi firesauce with a separate bowl of their signature silky tonkotsu broth with strips of chashu and onion leeks. The noodles are deliciously spicy that would be overwhelming, but the tonkotsu broth makes a perfect complement to its spiciness. It really wakes you up too!

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen Tsukemen 3

What dish isn’t made better with a topping of tonkatsu? The Tonkatsumen’s noodles is also topped with daikon sprouts with a lemon wedge and mustard on the side. The dipping that goes with it is a bowl of fresh Nagi spice and vegetables. The tasty Tonkatsu is given an interesting twist as a topper for the cold ramen, and I’m here for it!

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen Tsukemen 4

This fun way of eating ramen is an experience you wouldn’t wanna miss, so head on over to the nearest Ramen Nagi and call over your friends and family! Who would’ve thought you could eat ramen in more ways than one?  More than just a fun way to bond with your ramen buddies, the Tonkatsumen and Tsukemen taste as good as they are fun!

But what’s better than ramen? Free ramen, of course! Head on over to their Facebook or Instagram page for more info and get your fix of perfect summer ramen.

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen Tsukemen 6

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