The Lost Boys PH: Turning Breaks From Corporate Reality To Discoveries Of Beautiful Places in The Philippines

It is no longer a surprise that the Philippines is full of gems to discover. In fact, we had already been noticed globally for some of the country’s well-known islands like Boracay and Palawan!

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But then again, we all know we have more local places to unveil. So much more out there are waiting to have the limelight shine upon them, too!

That’s where these guys come in. The Lost Boys PH will help you visit some of the country’s hidden gems by providing not-so-common travel itineraries for you!


The Lost Boys PH at Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan

The Lost Boys PH is made up of three full-time hoteliers who have shifting schedules. With the busy lifestyle in the industry, these boys — Kirk Del Rosario, Brian Malig, and Ron Lopez — travel together as a de-stressing form of brotherly bonding and searching for the unexpected.


The Lost Boys PH at Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija

The story began with a random vacation in Coron, Palawan. What started out as a usual bonding time turned into tradition, and now they’re taking us along with them in their travels through their Facebook page and helping us reach the places they’ve discovered. Thank you!


The Lost Boys PH are DIY travelers. Meaning, they visit the places in the Philippines which are rarely given the limelight and through it, they create travel itineraries in the most budget-friendly way possible. They take you away from modern conveniences so that you’d be able to experience more out of your travel, so that includes sleeping in hammocks, hostels, tents, and traveling via public transportation.

Also, another important value in their travels is to immerse themselves with the locals. Their travels helped them appreciate the disconnected lifestyle in the province even more, and it helped them appreciate their friends and family back home.


The Lost Boys PH at Maquinit Hot Spring, Palawan

Their personal adventures allow everyone else to discover more about the Philippines. They propose a variety of things to do, both for those looking for relaxing ones and the ones looking for a little more thrill. All in all, aside from knowing more about the country, they help you experience more out of life. I love it! Thanks for taking us along with you, The Lost Boys PH!

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