How to Make the Most of 48 Hours in Coron

I recently started a 48-hours series, focusing on what to do if you only have 48 hours in Boracay. Well, I recently continued this series – this time in Coron. I hope this helps any fellow busy people who don’t have time to go on vacation for longer periods of time.


Head to Coron.

As always, this is the first part of the itinerary and a very important one for me because I don’t like wasting time. As with my Boracay trip, I flew to Coron with Skyjet Airlines and, as always, it was a smooth and quick experience.


It took just about half an hour to get to Coron via Skyjet. (I didn’t even have time to nap! Haha.)

Enjoy a delicious feast.

As usual, my first order of business after touching down was to eat! Fortunately, the resort that we stayed in, The Funny Lion, offered delicious food that suits anybody’s preferences.


From salad to pizza to pasta to meat to spicy food, we had a wide array of food options to choose from!

Take a nap.

We stayed at The Funny Lion in Coron and the beds there… my goodness. After a bit of travel time and a good feast, sleeping seemed like the best thing to do; so that’s exactly what I did.


The Funny Lion takes good care of you. They cater to your requests, walk you around with umbrellas if needed and even leave you little surprises when you’re not in the room. 🙂

Relax at a hot spring.

I woke up just in time to visit Maquinit Hot Springs that night. I heard that the place looks great at sunset, but it looked just as great and was just as relaxing at night. Don’t miss out on sitting by the hotter places – near the jacuzzi-like areas. This place will simply wash your stress away!


After that, it was back to beddy-bye for me. I was so relaxed, I didn’t have any trouble falling back asleep that night despite having had napped earlier that afternoon.


I think it goes without saying that island-hopping has to be on your itinerary when you go to Coron. Luckily, we were in good hands with Calamianes Expedition Ecotours, of which the people were incredibly friendly and helpful, and where we were able to see the best that Coron has to offer all in half a day, including Siete Pecados, the Hidden Lagoon, Kayangan Lake and the absolutely stunning Twin Lagoon.



Enjoyed a short trek to get to this beautiful view of Coron!

coron-2A bit farther along the trek, we found ourselves at this beautifully hidden lake where we enjoyed a dip before heading back.

This is the entrance of Twin Lagoon. You either have to climb the stairs or swim underneath to get to the lagoon on the other side. While I couldn’t bring my camera with me to the other side, I have to say: it is well worth it and the highlight of our trip (for me, anyway).

We also got to ogle at these bodies during the trip (win-win! :p):

coron-wil-dasovich Vlogger Wil Dasovich of

Blogger Cha Ocampo of

Eat freshly cooked food.

During our island-hopping excursion with Calamianes Expedition Ecotours, we were also able to enjoy some freshly cooked food onboard the boat for lunch. Nothing is better than freshly cooked food at sea!

Learn how to make coffee the Tagbanua way.

This was very interesting and really made me appreciate coffee more. Who knew that it would take so long and that it would take so much effort to actually make coffee in Coron?


The result is a strong and sweet type of coffee that tastes so good, you won’t even need any sugar to go with it.

Jacuzzi time!!!

Staying at The Funny Lion came with having a jacuzzi on the rooftop, so that meant getting a quick dip in on the morning before our flight.


The Funny Lion is definitely the best place to stay if you’re looking for peace and quiet and are hoping to relax as much as possible while in Coron. Find out more about The Funny Lion here:

Feast a bit more.

Since we loved the food at The Funny Lion so much, we couldn’t resist not eating some more of their delicious food before leaving the place.


I would honestly love to go back to the place for the food alone.

Head back home.

Of course, I flew with Skyjet on the way home, too. While we did experience delays because of the crazy rain, we eventually made it back to Manila safe and sound. Another 48 hours well spent! 🙂