How to Make the Most of 48 Hours in Boracay

Being such a super busy person lately, what with meetings and events left and right, I’ve taken it upon myself to take short weekend vacations every once in a while to keep my sanity in check and to just breathe. My first 48-hour excursion was to Boracay last month and since a lot of people were surprised that I left one day and came back two nights later happy and reenergised for the week ahead, I decided to make a type of series out of it. And here it is: part one… my 48 hours in Boracay!

Head to Boracay.

Well, duh. However, this is part of the itinerary because I feel the need to point out that I flew with Skyjet Airlines for the first time in my life and it was the best flying experience I had had in a while. Why? Well, for starters, it only takes around half an hour to get to Boracay on Skyjet and since the planes are small, waiting to get in and out of the plane doesn’t take as long as usual, either. Also: no delays and nothing stolen from my luggage. (Yes, this is considered an achievement for me. Hurrah!)

Skyjet Airlines

Enjoy a boodle feast.

The first order of business whenever I touch down anywhere? Eat! Well, nothing beats a good boodle feast, and Tides Hotel Boracay has a great one.

Tides Boracay Ka-On

This boodle feast is a new offer at Ka-On Restaurant at Tides Hotel Boracay and prices start at Php1,800. Their boodle feasts are good for 6-8 people and is well worth the money. The ulam aside, the rice in itself had this intensely flavourful sauce that I absolutely loved. You’ll definitely feel satisfied by the end of it. And oh, don’t miss out on their dessert. The Mango Float is to die for!

Tides Boracay Ka-On 2

You may find out more about their boodle feasts and restaurant at

Party on the Boracay Suncruiser.

When traveling on a tight schedule, I like to make the most of every single day that I’m away from Manila. As such, I decided to get on the Boracay Suncruiser on our first day in Boracay and boy, was it a blast!

Boracay Suncruiser 4

Not only was I able to catch some much-needed sun (I am still proudly showing off my tan lines to this day), but we also had some pizza and booze to pass the time, and got to enjoy the steepest/scariest, yet most unforgettable water slide ever.

Boracay Suncruiser 3

Don’t be fooled, though. Sliding down this thing and climbing back up on the boat and sliding again and climbing back up and so on and so forth can get quite tiring. Fortunately, there are enough bean bags and other places to chill on the boat. Of course, it also helps to be with a fun bunch of people while you’re there. 🙂

I will be writing more about this experience soon, but for now, you may find out more on their Facebook page here:

Eat at Epic.

Before heading to bed after a long afternoon of partying, we ate at Epic Boracay. Although most well-known as one of the most happening party places in the area, their food should not be discounted. My favourites? Their croquettes and Mac ‘n’ Cheese. (I love cheese – what can I say?)

Epic Boracay Food 2

Being a huge cheese lover, Epic’s Croquettes were part of my favourites. These ham and gruyere cheese bites come with a delicious aioli dipping sauce and they go very well with Epic’s cocktails and beers. Their Mojito is really good, just FYI.

Epic Boracay Food 1

Their Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese is also a must-try! To see more of Epic Boracay’s menu, you may visit their official Facebook page at

Get some yoga time in.

Fitness is a very important part of my life right now, so I was ecstatic to hear that Mandala Spa and Villas in Boracay offers relaxing and calming yoga classes in the morning.

Boracay Mandala Spa 3

Their yoga area is located at the Vessel Community Events Center, the quieter area of the place; so we were really able to be one with nature – a far cry from the types of yoga studios in the city. Since I absolutely adore yoga, this proved to be the perfect start to my day!

Boracay Mandala Spa 2

It helps that Theresa Szewczuk, our yoga instructor and a ‘visiting master’ at Mandala Spa, really cared about her students and adjusted to the experience levels of the group s needed. Find out more about Mandala’s offerings at

Eat healthy at Prana Restaurant.

After yoga, it made perfect sense to eat healthy. Fortunately, healthy doesn’t mean bland and tasteless at Mandala Spa’s Prana Restaurant.

Boracay Mandala Spa Food 1

The Octopus Salad and Calamansi Mint Shake are amazingly good!

Boracay Mandala Spa Food 2

You need to try their Tinapa Quesadillas, as well – a unique take on quesadillas that everybody loved.

Boracay Mandala Spa Food 4

My absolute favorite, though? Their Tuna Tartare, which had the perfect amount of spice to it!

Yes, everything sounds strange and new, but they’re strange and new in a good way – trust me.

Boracay Mandala Spa 1

This great view while eating is just a bonus!

Enjoy a massage.

As much as possible, I try and get a massage while I’m on vacation, too. My friends find this weird because it’s easy to find massage places in Manila, but it feels different when you leave a massage place knowing you won’t get stuck in traffic and knowing that you won’t be bombarded by work or acquaintances afterwards – or is that just me? Anyway, that’s why I always try and get a massage when I’m on vacation – and the one at Tides Hotel Boracay was great. The staff members were a bit noisy when I got there, but once the message started, everything was calm and quiet, and it was the perfect way to release some stress. 🙂

Find another good place to eat.

Okay, so it basically just sounds like I ate a lot when I was in Boracay. Well, I’m not ashamed of it: I did! Hahaha. One place you need to check out? Jeepney Stop. We were wondering why it was so packed when we passed by, so we decided to give it a try – and wow! Everything tasted great!

Jeepney Stop Bagnet

I highly recommend their bagnet.

Jeepney Stop

And look! They have a jeepney bar. Yes, there’s a bartender in there.

Party at Epic.

One of the best places to party when in Boracay, Epic is always filled with new drinks to try, new people to meet and new memories to make.

Sleep in.

After a quick vacation, I like to spend my last few hours at a place sleeping in – and that’s exactly what I did at Tides Hotel Boracay: I slept in.

Tides Boracay 1

Fortunately, that wasn’t hard to do what with the comfy bed and the chill atmosphere of the room. Also, I had the entire room to myself, so I didn’t have any roomies around to wake me. :p

Tides Boracay 3

The reason why I decided to stay at Tides? It’s close to practically everything: the beach, the shops, the restaurants… why go far when you’ve got everything all in one location?

Head home.

Of course, I flew with Skyjet on the way home, too. Another half an hour and we were safely back in Manila. 48 hours well spent! 🙂

If you’re planning on going to Boracay sometime soon, as well, you might want to avail of the 3D/2N Stay and Fly package for only Php11,000. This includes: roundtrip airfare via SkyJet (Manila-Caticlan-Manila); the Manila-Caticlan terminal fee; 3D/2N in an Essential Room at Tides Hotel Boracay (with daily breakfast buffet); roundtrip land and boat transfers; environmental and post terminal fees; plus: welcome drinks and complimentary cocktails at Solstice Sun Lounge! Enjoy and tell us about your adventures, too, by contributing to our site! 🙂

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