The 10 Phases You Go Through When He Doesn’t Text Back

You parted ways after having what you believe was an awesome and satisfying conversation. He made sure to have you type in your digits on his phone (and you gladly did, faking hesitation at first so he doesn’t think you’re easy). You’ve been staring at your phone screen for more than a week now, putting your life on hold, but he hasn’t texted back after you sent him a simple “Hey”. What now after he had you at “Hello”?

I’m sorry to say, but before you get your broken heart mended, find peace in the thought he might never text you back (and that you are not meant to be together), and realize he isn’t worth waiting for, here are the 10 phases you’ll have to go through first:

10. Wonder

One of the rules state that you shouldn’t make the first move. But it’s been more than a week. Surely you did the right thing when you sent an innocent and simple “Hey! How have you been?” text message, right?

9. Confusion

You rack your brain so hard thinking why he hasn’t texted back when your phone clearly shows your message was sent successfully. Should you resend the same text message? No doubt about it! Copy. Paste. Send. Repeat.

8. Wallowing

Now you’re beginning to lose your appetite and you can’t sleep. Did he forget about you? Is it so hard to send one freaking text message to you? Why get your digits in the first place and make you hope over something that isn’t even going to happen anyway? You throw your smartphone in the laundry and watch dumb TV the whole night ’til you fall asleep. Texting sucks. You sleep while deciding whether you should ring him up in the morning.

7. Anger

You wake up the next day and the first thing you do is find your phone. Your blood pressure rises seeing there’s no message from him at all. Now you’re going to make sure he pays for breaking your heart by taking to social media to find out more about his whereabouts. You also plan to vent out to the avid readers of your personal blog. He’s gonna be famous!

6. Panic

But what if he got mugged or a burglar entered his apartment to take his precious phone and to leave him locked in his bathroom? You suddenly have goosebumps all over your body at the scary thought, but you realize no one can possibly know about what happened so now you’ve got to play Superwoman to rescue his ass.

5. Denial

After a couple of searches, you find luck and see his profile. There’s even a bonus: his posts aren’t private so you get to see how he’s posting a status every five freaking seconds. Now, instead of exploding in anger, you try to make up excuses for him. His phone’s messaging system may be all messed up because if it wasn’t, there’s definitely no reason to not return your text messages. Right?

Yeah, right. Your bitterness has reached a new toxic level but you still won’t admit it.

4. Desperation

More days pass but still, no text from him. So you resort to one thing you’ve heard works and you’re determined to give it a shot to see if it really works: drunk texting. You buy several bottles of beer and chips and drink and eat while watching Netflix. When the beer takes over your amazing self-control, you start bombarding his inbox with text messages. He sure won’t miss them this time, won’t he?

3. Relief

You manage to wake up the next day with an aching head and heart. No word from him still. But this time, you ain’t mad. You’re thankful, because if he can’t even find time to answer your text messages, he sure as hell doesn’t deserve your presence in his life.

2. Acceptance

You had one of the best convos there probably is in the entire dating planet when you met each other for the first time. But that doesn’t mean he will text you and a second date will be happening. You’ve learned this lesson the hard way but, hey, you’re cool with it now.

1. Celebration

You know in your heart that there are still great guys out there, who would not only text but even call you because you are worth it and you don’t mind waiting for them to arrive. For the meantime, you’ll watch Netflix while drinking a bottle of red wine.

Let’s face it: Guys who don’t make the effort to text back or text you first is sending you a clear message. He’s not interested. So don’t waste your time checking on your phone every second. No message is a message. Move on.