5 Simple Steps on How to Move On after a Breakup

Does everyone agree that heartbreak is more unbearable when you find yourself feeling emo and a sentimental song that perfectly describes your feelings is playing in the background? A big thanks to our favorite (sentimental) singers who seem to musically understand what we’re going through. Katy Perry asked us back in 2008: “You said move on, where do I go?” Is it really just a question of ‘where’, though? Well Katy, to answer your question: it’s not about where we go, but what do we do to move on and leave all of the scars behind. So, to everyone who can relate, here are 5 steps on how to get your life back together after a breakup:

5 Simple Steps on How to Move On after a Breakup

Step 1: Drink your worries away.

By drinking, we don’t suggest anything alcohol-related, we mean something more helpful: detox. Eliminate all of the toxins in your body along with all of the stress and heartache your ex has brought you. ReCleanse Whole Body Detox can help turn you into a better version of yourself in just 1 week! Look good and feel good as it makes you lose weight while giving you the right amount of energy at the same time to fight all your sorrows away. Bottoms up, sister!

5 Simple Steps on How to Move On 1

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Step 2: Invest in yourself.

It might have crossed your mind that your ex left you because you’re not good-looking enough, but we all know that’s not true! Your ex’s failure to appreciate your worth is their loss, so invest in yourself because looking good is the best revenge! You may not have found your forever, but here’s something that’s surely going to last: pretty eyebrows brought to you by Pretty Looks Eyebrow Reborn. It’s time to make sure your eyebrows are forever on fleek, girl!

5 Simple Steps on How to Move On 2

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Step 3: Let go.

Moving on entails leaving all of your baggage from the past in the past – including all of the stress and heartaches that the person has brought you. During this painful stage, remember that it is not only your heart that is affected, but also your skin! So, let go and let Beauty Bask Face Soaps do the trick. This beauty soap is packed with wonderful butter and essential oils to suppress skin damage from sun, pollution, and, most importantly, stress. Who says you can’t have glowing skin while going through heartbreak? Know and value your worth and you’re halfway there, sister!

5 Simple Steps on How to Move On 3

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Step 4: Get ready.

The moving-on golden rule: always look great because you’ll never know when you’ll cross paths with your ex again. For all you know, fate may suddenly bring you together for that much-needed ‘closure talk’. So, get yourself ready and red-dy your pout-perfect lips with a swipe of the Red-dy For You So Matte Lipstick. Make your ex regret the gorgeous keeper that he lost. Then, after everything has been said and done, smile, walk away with your head held up high because you’ve managed to face him without feeling bitter or breaking down into tears. Plus, your pretty lipstick never smudged and disappointed you in making you look great in front of you ex.

5 Simple Steps on How to Move On 4

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Step 5: Start something new.

When one door closes, a window opens. Now that you’re out in the market, always be on the lookout for anything new – new opportunities, a new friend, and even a new dress to make you look like a stunner! Check out #ClosetGoals to score brand new and preloved style essentials like this pretty red dress from model Chelsea Robato’s closet. This could be the start of something new.

5 Simple Steps on How to Move On 5

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Always remember that the most important thing in moving on is to believe that someone, somewhere out there will eventually find his way to you. Trust us when we say that there’s no harm in waiting for the right time to come. For now, though, allow yourself to feel the pain, but slowly let go of the grief and move forward with your life because it should not stop just cause a guy broke your heart. You are worth so much more than that, sister.

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