Text Spammer Receives 3000 Messages After Messing with the Wrong Guy

When In Manila, we all have our share of text spammers and the like. These spammers can be very manipulative and trick even those who you’d least expect. Lately, spammers asking for load have become quite “popular”. In a week, I personally get an average of 3-5 texts from these spammers each with their own ploy in asking for load.


Last week, one spammer messed with the wrong guy and his whole plan backfired. This spammer had NO IDEA what he was in for when he pressed that SEND button.


As you see in the screen shot above, the spammer texted a DEVELOPER with an armed SMS gateway. What he got in return?? 3,000 text messages that will keep him busy for days! This might not exactly solve the problem, but it will sure annoy that spammer like crazy… especially if he’s using an old phone!


 So any more spammers wanna mess with this guy?

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