Super Girl (Ani-Mia) and Red Space Ranger Damien Team Up in This Morphenomenal Video

Super-Girl-Ani-Mia-and-Red-Space-Ranger-Team-Up-Against-Bullying-in-this-youtube-video-redrangerMini Red Space Ranger Damien and his friend

Local Rocker and YouTuber Chris Cantada came up with another Power Rangers related video and this time it has a very special guest, SUPER GIRL!

 Super-Girl-Ani-Mia-and-Red-Space-Ranger-Team-Up-Against-Bullying-in-this-youtube-video-supergirlCosplayer Ani-Mia

Cosplayer and Model Ani-Mia appears in this video as Super Girl. The video hits on a couple of issues: bullying and confidence. The video features two kids bullying the girl for playing with power rangers toys before Damien steps in and scares them off after his Red Space Ranger transformation. Super Girl would then drop by and talk to the kids about confidence and believing in themselves.

This video shows a simple yet effective example of people being bullied or ridiculed for liking (or ‘geeking out’) to certain things (in this case, power rangers) due to their age or gender. I agree with Mr. Cantada that being a geek is for everyone, regardless of who you are.

That said, sit back and check out the video below:

If anyone is wondering where the heck Chris was, he’s in the video too.


Remember kids, it’s not cool to be a bully. So, don’t be a bully…

be-a-star-miz-wheninmanilaBE A STAR!

How do you stand up to bullies? Or…how do you help out those people who get bullied?

What stuff or fandom do YOU ‘geek out’ to? 😀

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