Super Bowl of China: Experience the Extreme Chinese Foods

When in Manila and craving for Chinese Foods, make sure to visit the Super Bowl of China in SM Mega Mall or their other branch to try out some of their Best Seller dishes.

Super Bowl of China, SM Mega Mall Store Front of Super Bowl of China

Yesterday was raining like it will never end because of Typhoon Juaning but it didn’t stopped us and so we braved the storm to go to SM Mega Mall and visit Super Bowl of China. I went their with my girlfriend and it was actually our second time eating in there although our first visit was in their SM MOA Branch. We had a great time and great dining experience so we were excited to taste their food again and their other Best Sellers.


As soon as we got there, we were greeted with a welcoming smile of their receptionist. We asked for Sir Bob Vallar, the Marketing Manager of Super Bowl, but he was still on the way so she directed us to our table and we just waited for Sir Bob to arrive. I took this chance to looked around the restaurant and I noticed that they have the same design as the one in SM MOA. And even though it was raining, they have a calm and warm ambiance that I really like that took away the gloomy feeling brought by the weather.

Inside of Super Bowl of China, SM Mega Mall

The designs very well fit the motif of the restaurant, from the chairs and tables up to the decorations inside the restaurant. And they have this cool big photos of their real customers where they captured their happy moments while eating in Super Bowl.

Inside the Super Bowl of China Inner side of Super Bowl of China

After some minutes, Sir Bob arrived and ordered the food that we will gonna eat. He ordered all of their Best Sellers for us to taste and there were so many of it. We chatted while waiting for the food to be served and then it arrived one after another. My yes opened up and I actually got confused as to which to try first because there are so many food in our table and they all looked so delicious. And oh boy, you have to forget your diet program because the amount of serving of each food was big. And no matter where angle you look, I felt like drooling over these foods. Here are some photos of the mouth watering foods that we ate together with Sir Bob.

Super Bowl of China Best Sellers Foods

Close Up shots of our food Our Festive Food

Close Up shots of our food 2 Close Up shots of our food 2

Close Up shots of our food 3 Close Up shots of our food 4

Close Up shots of our food 5 Close Up shots of our food 6

Seafood Beancurd Soup (PHP140) – We had this to start our festive meal. The tofu was so smooth and like M&Ms, I love how it melts in my mouth. The soup was good and it was perfect starter food for us.

Seafood Beancurd Soup

Dimsum Combination Platter (PHP260) – This is my second time eating this and all I can say is you should try it! It was their Best Seller in their Dimsum Menu. It had a combination of Vegetarian Spring Rolls which tasted very good with the red vinegar, a Pork Siomai packed with meat and dip it to a soy-sauce with calamansi to add some more flavor to it, a Hakao and Deep Fried Wanton that you can dip on a sweet & sour sauce and a BBQ Por Siopao that you don’t even have to put some sauce because it was already too tasty.

Dimsum Combination Platter

Super Bowl Lemon Chicken (PHP260) – It was second of their Best Seller Food in the Chicken Menu. The chicken was tender and was fried perfectly while there was a sweet taste from the lemon sauce that added extra punch and unique flavor to this fine dish.

Super Bowl Lemon Chicken

Lechon Macau (PHP240) – This is their top Best Seller in their Pork Menu. The pork was tender and so easy to chew and I really love how crunchy the skin is. Then I dipped it to their special sauce that somewhat resembles a siopao sauce only better, and there was an explosion of flavor in my mouth that I cannot explain. I was really satisfied with this dish.

Lechon Macau

Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Spicy Salt (PHP295) – This was another of their Best Seller in their Pork Menu. It was crunchy and the spicy flavor complimented the Fried Pork Ribs.  It also had some green and red bell peppers that added some more spice to this fantastic dish. I love spicy foods and I just added it to my list.

Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Spicy Salt

Sliced Beef with Broccoli (PHP320) – This is their Best Seller in their Beef Menu. The strips of beef were gamey and tasted really good. The sauce was thick and added some salty sweet flavor to the dish. It was also garnished with healthy green broccoli which tasted good as well to give balance to it.

Sliced Beef with Broccoli

Deep Fried Cuttlefish with Spicy Salt (PHP299) – This is one of their top Best Seller in their Seafood Menu and one of the personal favorites of Sir Bob which eventually became our favorite as well. At first I thought a cuttlefish was like a Lapu-Lapu or Bangus but it turned out that it belongs to the family of squid. Anyways, it was fantastically delicious and well cook that you can chew it easily. There was a spicy punch in the flavor but be careful not to eat the chili.

Deep Fried Cuttlefish with Spicy Salt

Seafood Chopsuey (PHP195) – It was their Best Seller in their vegetable Menu. This great dish is good for people who want to eat healthy foods. I am not really  a fan of vegetables so I helped myself and just took the shrimps and the fish cake. And it was delicious, it was the first time I ate one and the taste of the fish cake was like of the squid balls.

Seafood Chopsuey

Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice (PHP 210) – It was their Best Seller in their Fried Rice Menu and I can’t agree more. It was almost a complete meal, a fried rice mixed with chopped Chorizos, sausage, black mushrooms and different vegetables and finished with a special rice sauce. One order of this can already satisfied 2 people. Oh well, but not us. hehe.

Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice

Ongpin Fried Chicken (170) – This was one of their top Best Seller in their New Menu of Chinatown Favorites. It was based on the foods being eaten by the people in the Chinatown so they decided to bring it in the restaurant for have us to have a taste of it. It was a chicken chunks marinated with special Chinese spices and then deep fried until it was Golden Brown. It was also crunchy and very tender. I suggest you dip it in their spicy ketchup as an added flavor.

Ongpin Fried Chicken

We just finished our main course but it was still not over because we still have our dessert. To taste all that food, we have to take small bites but I tell you that every bits of it was awesomely delicious. A feast fists for a king. And then for our final meal, we have two familiar desserts.



Crunchy Banana Balls (95) – This is one of their Best Seller in their Dessert Menu. It was somewhat like the buchi that we are all familiar with but with a twist. The bean paste was covered with chopped bananas and then deep fried. It was a new flavor for my taste bud and I like it that much. So if you love buchi, you may want to try this out.

Crunchy Banana Balls

Taho (95) – Yeah, you got that right! Taho is one of their Best Seller as well and as a kid I grow up having taho in the morning from the local Taho Vendor which until now still shouts TAHOOOOO in the morning. One order is good for 3 people and don’t mind the price because it was much better than the regular ones. The texture is smoother and you are definitely sure that this is clean and fresh because it was homemade. Sir Bob divided it and let us put the sago and the sugar syrup. I put more sugar syrup because I simply love the taste of a sweet taho.


It was a fantastic feast mixed with different exquisite Chinese Foods from Super Bowl. Not only that my stomach was full, my soul seemed to be fully satisfied and contented as well. Truly, it was great eating in here and I highly recommend you trying out their Best Sellers if you happen to eat here specially their Deep Fried Cuttlefish with Spicy Salt and Taho. And it really put a big smile on my face after eating and made me forget about the bad weather waiting for us outside.


But of course, this will not be possible without the friendly and dedicated manager and staff of Super Bowl. So here they are and I would like to thank them for letting us taste their fine Chinese dishes most especially to Sir Bob Vallar.

Me and the Staff of Super Bowl of China

Staff of Super Bowl of China Whole Staff of Super Bowl of China

Me and Sir Bob Vallar Nikki, Me and Sir Bob Vallar

Super Bowl of China is a mainstream Chinese Restaurant that can be a sweet place for dating couples, a cool hang out for friends and a nice place for family to eat and relax. So When In Manila and looking for a Chinese Restaraunt with the best Chinese Foods, visit Super Bowl of China in SM Mega Mall or in there other 6 branches and have a taste of real Authentic Chinese Cuisine.




4th Level Atrium SM Megamall Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Tel. No.: 687-7767 & Telefax: 634-7831

Check Out their other Branches. And you may also like Super Bowl of China’s Facebook fan page.



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