10 Stores That Offer Drip Coffee So Good, You’ll Automatically Feel Great in the Morning

3-in-1 coffee simply doesn’t do it for me. However, at the same time, I can’t be bothered to go through all of the processes involved with coffee beans, and bottled coffee simply doesn’t last as long in the fridge as I’d like it to. Enter the beauty and convenience of drip coffee.

Also known as pour over coffee, drip coffee involves pouring hot water over a convenient bag of ground coffee that drains through a filter and into your coffee cup. After much research, recommendations, and taste-testing; here are my 10 favorite stores that offer delicious drip coffee. They don’t just taste good, either; they’ll ensure that they keep you going all day while putting a smile on your face with their delicious flavors.

10 Stores That Offer Drip Coffee So Good, You’ll Automatically Feel Great in the Morning

10. Coffee Buddy (@coffeebuddyph)


Coffee Buddy is an online shop that offers local coffee beans at an affordable price without comprising on quality. Tin Sampang and her partner share an immense love for coffee, and they loved the adventure of tasting unique coffee blends from various places as they traveled. This pushed them to set aside their Christmas bonuses as a capital for what is now Coffee Buddy.

Coffee Buddy takes pride in their locally harvested and roasted Philippine coffee, offering variants like hazelnut, vanilla, and macadamia. They also offer drip backs for a quick way to brew delicious local coffee.

9. What’s Up, Brew? (@whatsupbrewph)


What’s Up, Brew? was established in 2019 by a couple of coffee lovers who wanted to create a selection of exceptional quality products for coffee lovers to experience the finest local taste. “We take our time to source and roast each batch weekly to ensure each blend takes you on a journey back to its origins. We have been supporting local products even before we started this brand. It brings us joy to help our local farmers and our local partners,” shares Gerdane Reyes, one of the founders of What’s Up, Brew.

With this reassurance, coffee enthusiasts can be sure that they will get the freshest and high quality products straight from local farmers. They have a wide range of products that can cater to any kind of coffee lover and in all kinds of sizes – from drip packs for single servings to half-a-kilo packs perfect for building your supply. What’s Up, Brew? also specializes in curated gift sets and giveaways for any occasion.

8. Key Coffee (@keycoffeeph)


If you’re looking for a complete set that will have you covered in the drip coffee experience, Key Coffee is the brand to check out. Various flavors of drip coffee aside, they also offer cute mugs and a pour over kettle to make your drip coffee experience more convenient and more fun.

7. BTNGÑ (@btngn.ph)


Photo from BTNGÑ

BTNGÑ (short for Batangueño) is an up-and-rising coffee brand hailing from Batangas. Aiming to promote the local products from Lipa City, Batangas; BTNGÑ makes sure that everyone gets that strong, bold, and intense profile that only barako beans can offer. Due to the continuous growth of international coffee shops in the Philippines, the brand wishes to honor its owners’ heritage and bring Kapeng Barako back into the spotlight.

BTNGÑ’s barako drip is the perfect coffee on the go for those who want quality brewed coffee anytime and anywhere. It has the aroma and distinct taste of freshly brewed coffee, but at a very affordable price. They also source their barako directly from Lipa to ensure their products’ quality and freshness. They have also added other popular local products from Lipa recently, like Tablea de Cacao.

6. Kopi.ph (@k0pi.ph)


Photo from Kopi.ph

22-year-old Jesza Rubianes is a self-proclaimed go-getter with a love for coffee. She and her sister Jaycka see coffee as their source of comfort, and this passion has driven them to start a coffee business and share that same feeling with other people.

KOPI offers locally sourced and freshly roasted coffee beans and grounds from the Cordillera region. They currently have seven flavors: Sagada Dark, Kalinga, and Benguet (for those who like strong, dark, and bold coffee); and Hazelnut, Macadamia, Vanilla, and Mocha (for those who prefer a medium and smooth taste).

5. Tinag-abang Coffee (@tinagabangcoffee)


Photo from Tinag-abang Coffee

Kevin Crispino, Leshlie Mañibo, Ian Christopher Rocha, and Kimberly Rose Daitol – the owners of Tinag-abang Coffee – associate the word ‘tinag-abang’ to comfort amidst adversity. “Our coffee will always make you feel home,” they say. “It is the taste that will represent the richness and steadfast culture of the Philippines.” In support of Filipino farmers, Tinag-abang Coffee features affordable high quality local products that can meet international standards. Their advocacy is to bring Philippine heritage to every home in cups of coffee that will make you feel proud to be a Filipino.

Tinag-abang Coffee offers a variety of classic and flavored whole bean, ground, and drip coffee. Their classic coffee collection includes Sagada, Benguet, Kalinga, Espresso, Barako, and Arabica; while their flavored coffee collection includes Mocha, Chocolate, Caramel, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, and Vanilla. If you want to taste all 12 varieties, you can opt for their Know-Your-Coffee Package. They also have a Tinag-abang Espresso Fusion with three special flavors: Matcha, Taro, and Strawberry.

4. The Juancho Barako (@thejuanchobarako)


Photo from The Juancho Barako

The whole concept of the coffee industry was introduced to the owner of The Juancho Barako by their partner’s family, who has been in the barako business for more than 30 years. They just elevated their concept and continued to visualize their market. “I wanted to make authentic coffee on-the-go,” they share. “Since I also have a desk job, I have always been used to the idea of 3-in-1 coffee. That’s why I made a brand suited for people like me who wants authentic brewed coffee that can be carried anywhere I go.”

The Juancho Barako aims to showcase the richness of the coffee industry in the Philippines, especially Barako, since they are from Batangas. Their drip coffee therefore carries the pride of Batangas, making it easy for people to have a taste of Kapeng Barako sans the brewing equipment. Each drip bag is filled with freshly roasted coffee and delivers quality results. They make for great pasalubong, souvenirs, and gifts, too. Drip coffee aside, make sure to check out The Juancho Barako’s coffee kits!

3. Early Coffee (@earlycoffeeph)


Photo from Early Coffee

Early Coffee is, first and foremost, a business that supports local farmers. They support locally grown coffee sourced from various parts of the Philippines, such as Benguet, Batangas, Cavite, and Kalinga; and help the livelihood of Filipino coffee farmers by promoting local products. They also maintain the highest standards and ensure that their quality organic coffee is packed and delivered as fresh and as fast as possible.

One thing that I particularly love about Early Coffee is how their coffee on-the-go uses paper drip bags that are biodegradable. They also try their best to minimize the use of plastic by using packaging made of kraft paper.

2. Drip & Brew (@dripandbrew.ph)


Photo from Drip & Brew

Drip & Brew started when Marilen Arellano and her boyfriend travelled to Japan and Korea. They got the idea from there and thought drip coffee could be a hit in the Philippines, too, as long as it was marketed and advertised properly. They then teamed up with a close family friend in Baguio, who manages a family coffee business, to get their supplies.

Drip & Brew’s coffee is locally sourced from the three major popular municipalities in Cordillera Mountain Province: Benguet, Sagada, and Kalinga, where it is harvested by their native coffee farmers. Every flavor has a unique taste and aroma, and the brand aims to help those in need. So far, they have partnered with a farmers’ union and Angels of the Stray. Coffee aside, they also plan on adding some ice cream flavors to add some excitement to their roster. After all, ice cream and coffee are delicious together!

1. Caldi Drip Coffee (@caldidripcoffee)


Photo from Caldi Drip Coffee

Caldi Drip Coffee began in 2019 after Cleo Chianpian resigned from her job at a bank. Cleo shares that she became a coffee person while working there, but really became interested after tasting the exquisite coffee offered in Japan. Having felt a sense of calm and comfort from coffee, she decided she wanted to bring that same feeling to others. With the help of relatives and friends, Cleo was finally able to start selling drip coffee.

Although a local brand, Cali Drip Coffee sells imported coffee beans in drip packs – and Cleo believes this is what makes them stand out. “As we try to adjust in this difficult times, we want to give people a sense of normalcy by having premium quality coffee at the comforts of their own homes without the need for coffee makers or a French press,” she explains. Their drip coffee is delicious as is, but you may also add sugar and milk as you see fit. Either way, you are sure to enjoy what Caldi Drip Coffee has to offer.

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