What’s Up, Brew?—Restock Your Coffee Supply with Locally-Sourced Grounds

For many of us who consider coffee a necessity, it has become a lot of a greater need now that we’re working from home. But since we’re all safe at home, it’s also helpful to stock up on your coffee fix.

To make that easier, check out online shop What’s Up, Brew? They offer natural and freshly roasted coffee sourced exclusively from the Cordillera region.

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What’s Up, Brew? was established in 2019 by a couple of coffee lovers who wanted to create a selection of “exceptional quality products for coffee lovers to experience the finest local taste.”

“We take our time to source and roast each batch weekly to ensure each blend takes you on a journey back to its origins. We have been supporting local products even before we started this brand & it brings us joy to help our local farmers & our local partners as well,” shares Gerdane Reyes, one of the founders of What’s Up, Brew?.

With this reassurance, coffee enthusiasts can be sure that they will get the freshest and high-quality products straight from local farmers.

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What’s Up, Brew?: Their Products

They have a wide range of products that can cater to any kind of coffee lover. You have choices of 100% freshly-roasted Cordillera beans and grounds with flavors such as Benguet Arabica, Kalinga Robusta, and Italian Espresso.

These flavors also come in all kinds of sizes, perfect to satisfy any type of coffee craving—from drip packs for single servings to half-a-kilo packs perfect for building your supply.


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What’s Up, Brew? also specializes in curated gift sets and giveaways for any occasion. They even have a limited edition gift box for Mother’s Day, collaborating with other local brands for a gift that goes beyond coffee.


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If you’re also interested in getting into the coffee selling business, What’s Up, Brew? is now accepting resellers around NCR. Just send them a message for more details. Honestly, what coffee enthusiast hasn’t ever thought about putting up their own coffee shop? Well, this is your chance.

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Don’t let your coffee supply run low! Get your locally-sourced high-quality caffeine fix delivered straight to your doorstep by What’s Up, Brew?.

What’s Up, Brew?