Key Coffee’s Drip Coffee Method is a Wonderful Sight to See

Why do I love coffee? Ever since I tasted my first cup of coffee years ago, it felt like gold rushing through my veins. See, I love coffee because it is not just any beverage for me, but a constant partner. There are countless memories and ideas that were made over a cup of coffee. Maybe you can relate?

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To Refresh

At work or in school, a coffee break is an opportunity to get different perspectives of a situation – especially during tight deadlines or brainstorming sessions!

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To Relax

I was once asked why Filipinos love to drink coffee, even if the weather is humid. Well, it is a way for me to relax and take a step back – a warm cup during a rainy day or an ice cold one during a hot summer day! Add to the fact that there are so many variants and flavors that are available for us to partake of!

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keycoffee 4To Recharge

A cup (or two!) of quality brewed coffee is a good pre-workout. A natural pick-me-upper, drinking brewed coffee makes workouts and exercises more enjoyable!

One way of experiencing that lavish coffee experience is through the portable coffee filter. The first time I encountered this was on a trip to Japan a few years back. The experience of making coffee with these individually packaged cardboards pour overs was an amazing feeling! The packaging is perfect for traveling, as well – or any emergency coffee situation, really!

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Recently, I learned the use of a special kettle to pour over warm water over the coffee. The drip coffee method is a way of preparing coffee that requires careful dripping of the hot water over the ground coffee. The process of drip coffee or portable coffee filters may seem labor-intensive, but the smell of freshly brewed coffee is a source of good vibes and seeing how the coffee froth foams is a wonderful sight to see.


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Gone are the days that we have to rely on chugging pre-mixed, 3-in-1 instant coffee. Aside from the third wave coffee shops popping up in every corner of the Metro, brewing coffee at home or at the office is now much more accessible!

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