Single Origin: A New Hotspot for All Coffee Lovers of BGC

Nothing warms the heart, wakes our senses and invigorates our sleepy minds more than a cup of good coffee. To all those who can relate, I feel you. Most people nowadays need a taste of caffeine to complete their day, some maybe more, but really, what matters is that you get your fill. Well, good news to all BGC wanderers, another coffee shop has opened its doors for you to indulge in a session with your favorite drink.

Single Origin 2

The coffee shop is called Single Origin, aptly named as they only use single origin beans in creating that perfect cup o’ joe for you. They are only a few months old, but have already started gaining an audience, thanks to their coffee, their food and their cozy, warm ambiance that will make you want to stay for hours.

Single Origin 6

Single Origin 4

Single Origin is nicely situated  at the heart of Bonifacio High Street, so you will not have a hard time looking for a place to sit and chill. A relaxing indoor hangout in the morning, the coffee shop turns into a cool bar with excellent beers and other drinks to make you merry at night. It has a huge space, so guests will always have a spot of their own.

And even if a crowd starts to gather, the feel is still intimate.

Single Origin 1

Single Origin

Single Origin 3

We didn’t just get to try out their coffee, but their bestsellers, as well. Single Origin serves darn good meals in generous servings, so a visit with friends is a must.

Single Origin 20

English Meats from Around (P350)

Are you a breakfast person? People with huge appetites will love the English Meats from Around.

Finely toasted brioche with English sausage, homemade bacon and scrambled eggs, and a bed of greens and cherry tomatoes on the side will surely fill every hungry tummy.

Single Origin 17

Fish and Fries (P220)

Want something less sinful? Then the Fish and Fries are for you. The fish is coated in oats and comes with a spinach dip and a bed of greens. The scent of truffle from the fries is irresistible, too.

Single Origin 23

Shrimp Po Boy (P260)

Single Origin made a different spin on the usual burgers. Presenting Shrimp Po Boy, one of their bestselling sandwiches with, what else, but shrimp as its patty! Sweet, fresh shrimp deeply fried with honey mayo dressing and of course, salad and truffle potato chips on the side to complete this lip-smacking set.

Single Origin 15

Single Origin Burger (P350) and Bleu Burger (P380)

If you still prefer juicy, meaty patties, though, you can order the Single Origin Burger or the Bleu Burger. Single Origin makes their patties with Wagyu meat, cooked to the ideal burger perfection.

If you want a  feel-good bite, go for the former; if your inclined to the sweet and savory, we suggest the latter.

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