Sikat Pinoy Handicraft Fair: A Showcase of Filipinos’ Artistry and Originality

Celebrate Christmas with Filipino Pride!

When In Manila, check out the products at the Sikat Pinoy Handicraft Fair where you’ll be dazzled with the ingenuity and craftsmanship of Filipinos.

The start of September clearly marks the onset of the “ber” months. In a few months’ time, shoppers will make their annual dash to malls, bazaars and fairs for the upcoming yuletide season. To avoid hordes of crowds who are browsing gifts for their loved ones or friends, why not make an early start on your Christmas shopping?


The fair might just be the perfect place for you.

Sikat Pinoy Fair Display

After the success of the national food fair held last August, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) launched the second edition of its domestic trade fair to promote and sell local made handicrafts under its Sikat Pinoy brand.

The fair features over 300 exhibitors from different parts of the country, each offering a wide array of handmade products that are good for gifts and even personal use.  Product categories include home decors, accessories, furnishings and furniture, jewelry and house accents. In addition, Christmas decors such as traditional lanterns (Parol) and figurines (Santa Claus and the Angels) were also available.

Aside from the access to some of the world-class, trendy and quality products Philippine market could offer, one of the perks of the fair is that the buyer has the chance to purchase products that are developed solely for the export market.

But the best part of it remains to be the fact that once you buy any product, you support our local entrepreneurs as well.

Here are some of the products you could come across the fair:



Sikat Pinoy Fair Farah Abu

Sikat Pinoy Fair Jewelry


For someone who is not a fan of jewelry, Farah Abu definitely caught my eye during the fair. I’m no jewelry connoisseur but what I can assure is that the pieces were like works of art. They are beautiful in a sense that it makes you want to take a second look. They are made from raw materials sourced especially from Cebu.

Price range: P150 (rings) – P5000 (bib necklaces) 

Sikat Pinoy Fair Leather

If you are looking for bags that combine function with style, Vedasto Leathergoods is the right place for you. They are offering Ladies’ purses, handbags and satchels made from quality leather at reasonable price. The classic designs of the bags would surely match with any ladies’ outfit, may it be casual or professional.

Price range: P2500-P5000

Sikat Pinoy Fair Weave

Sikat Pinoy Fair Shawl

These handmade shawls came all the way from the province of Saranggani. There are two types of shawls available: silk and cotton. Here, the exhibitor shows us how the shawl is wove from the loom and how it would later turned into these finished products. 

Price Range: P 250-P500 (Cotton Scarf)

                               P600-P800 (Silk Scarf)

Sikat Pinoy Batanes


Sikat Pinoy Fair Guitar

 Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter 


Cebuano made ukuleles and guitars are perfect gifts to your musician friends or loved ones. They are made from our very own quality woods such as Philippine Cedar and Philippine Ebony.

Price Range:  P2,800- P13,000

Sikat Pinoy Fair Zambo

Kaholatan Mat Products of Zamboanga is a non government organization that was established to improve and promote the Badjao people’s talent in weaving.  Using pandan leaves as their raw materials, Kaholatan sells simple products such as slippers, placemats and planners that deliver function and aesthetic.

Price Range:

Folder and Planner: P120- P280

Wallets: P125





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