Signs You’re A True Blue Eagle: “Taga-Ateneo Ka Kapag…”

Words by Ryanne Co

For me and my fellow Ateneans, Ateneo is and probably always will be in our hearts, even after we’ve gone down the hill. It’s difficult to imagine being anywhere else but in the Ateneo de Manila University. So here’s to us blue eagles and the best four or five years of our lives!

Taga-Ateneo ka kapag…

10. You’re well-versed in Philosophy.

Shoutout to your PH101/102/103/104 profs. Now, you aren’t intimidated by Aristotle or Nietzsche. And you now know how to pronounce Descartes properly.

9. You don’t understand why Chicks2go didn’t get a permanent stall in Gonzaga like Hunger Buster did.

They’re both so good!!!

Taga Ateneo ka Kapag 2They’re always at org events though so it’s okay.

8. You have a DP where you’re standing in front of either a  red brick wall, a whitewashed wall, or sitting atop a giant jackstone.

Taga Ateneo ka Kapag 3Schmitt/SECWalk/the giant jackstone installation = photoshoot.

7. Fitness

Expectation: Gold’s Gym or White Space in Regis.

Reality: Moro…or Bel to CTC class.

6. You know that the Pacific ring of fire is not a place.

Taga Ateneo ka Kapag 4

5. This is the currency in your wallet

Expectation: Peso

Reality: JSEC Money

4. You know it’s Katip, NOT Katips.

Taga-Ateneo Ka Kapag 1San yung “s” sa Katipunan???

3. You have very strong feelings about why you prefer either Gonzaga or JSEC.

It’s difficult to decide whether you’re more of a JSEC person or a Gonzaga person. On one hand, you get to support fellow Ateneans while eating in JSEC, but on the other hand, Gonzaga has sorbetes and no deposit. But even after you decide on that, there’s still the debate of Gonzaga up or Gonzaga down?

2. You’re not sure how to feel about SOM or CTC classes.

May aircon nga pero wala naman Internet. Anuna?

1. You know that Ateneo Trade is the best place for (literally) everything.

Drama, real estate, and red velvet crinkles all in one Facebook page.

Nothing left to say but: AMDG.

Do you agree with these Atenean traits? Anything else to add? Tell us in the comments!