Should ‘Outside Food’ Be Allowed Inside the Cinema?

Have you ever been excited to see a movie so you get to the cinema a couple of hours before showtime, purchase a ticket, and carry on to buy food from your favorite fast-food chain or restaurant just because you weren’t feeling like eating popcorn or whatever they had at the snack bar? And then you carry your take-out with you and fall in line only to be stopped by the theater personnel from entering the cinema because you have “outside food”.

In most cases, they’d let you eat your food outside which is an inconvenience in and of itself but for some cases, especially when time is running out and the movie’s about to start, people have had to leave their food outside which is a waste of money.

This was the case with a netizen who posted their frustration at a certain local cinema that prevented them from taking their food inside the movie theater.

Some cinemas prohibit outside food for different reasons. Cinema-goers could potentially bring in undesirably smelly food and ruin the whole theater experience for everyone else. They could also bring in ‘loud’ food – like crunchy chips or distracting crinkly wrappers. However, there’s a theory that cinemas are monopolizing the audience’s food choices for monetary gain, which is sketchy t b h.

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Still, many would argue that outside food shouldn’t be a big deal. Most cinema snack bars could be very expensive for the average Juan and having an option to bring in your own food shouldn’t really bother anyone else. Going to the movies should be a fun and relaxing experience, not one you have to necessarily prepare for.

The cinema that the netizen called out almost immediately released a statement on their official Facebook page due to the backlash they were getting. They amended their ban on outside food by providing a list of specific items one can’t bring inside their movie houses.

While choosing not to go to certain cinemas is an option for people in the metro, for people whose towns only have one decent movie theater, this option isn’t really available and they become trapped in some sort of bind with the local cinema snack bar. A compromise between the cinema and their customers must be achieved so that we can all truly sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

What do you think? Should cinemas allow ‘outside’ food? Tell us in the comments!

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