Security Guard Goes Beyond Call of Duty to Help Someone in Need

When In Manila, we believe that no matter how small, every good deed deserves some recognition. In today’s times where people tend to fear for the worse in others before seeing the best, we feel it is important to share such kind acts, not to make headlines but to influence and inspire.

Mae Young shares a story of this kind guard in BGC…

“Here’s a true story that happened in BGC earlier tonight.  I hope many will ‘like’ and ‘share’ because it’s one way to reinforce good behavior. S/G Tortosa went beyond his call of duty and immediately changed my flat tire when I approached him. He did so without complaining, paying no attention to the buckets he sweat. And all because I asked him if he knew anyone who could help me change my flat tire. “

Security Guard in BGC

I was able to have a short conversation with Mae where she gave me the full details of her experience with Kuya Tortosa. Here’s what she told me in a private conversation:

“I parked in that space around 4PM because I had to be in a Client’s office for an event. After being with my Client, I dropped by Gram’s where my friends have been waiting for me for half an hour. I told them I would put my things back in the car and change shoes (I was wearing killer heels hahaha) before joining them for dinner.

As I approached my car, I could already see my front tire deflated. I was already planning to ask someone for help in changing my tire or borrowing one of those air pumps from my friends.

I was on my way back to Gram’s when I saw S/G Tortosa. I thought about asking him if he knew someone who could help me. All I wanted was for someone to tell me where to go. When I decided to ask him, honestly, I was expecting a response like, “Ma’am, the nearest shop that could help you is the Shell at the corner” or something like that. I was hoping he could point me to the nearest vulcanizing shop.

When I approached him, I asked if he knew anyone who could help me with my flat. He asked where my car was and I walked him to it. In my mind, maybe he wanted to know where my car was so he can see the extent of the flat. When we got to my car, he asked about my spare tire.

I told him it was in the trunk and in good shape to replace the flat one. I was surprised when he lifted the tire, along with the jacks, and started working.

I was stunned. I stood there watching him for about a minute. He was already on the concrete, aligning the jack. I told him that i would just tell my friends what had happened and that I would come back.

When I got back with my friends after telling them what had happened, S/G Tortosa had already finished changing my tire, put the tools and the deflated tire in the trunk. He didn’t even show any signs of being tired or spent or that his duty was interrupted. He smiled when I kept on thanking him and kept saying “Wala ho ito” (This is nothing). I asked him if I could get his picture and if he can give me permission to post it on Facebook, he just smiled.

You know what Cheryl, his attitude was very humbling. I saw how difficult it was for him to change my tires in this heat, but he didn’t even show any sign that he was being called out of his routine. When I drove out of that place after my dinner, I found him on the spot where he stood the first time I approached him, standing watch over the whole car park like nothing unusual had happened. I waved at him and he just nodded back and mouthed “Ok, Ma’am”


Wow. What a humbling experience. When people do something out of the goodness of their heart, without expecting anything in return… it just makes me feel that there’s still some good left in this world after all. May Sir Tortosa serve as an inspiration and influence us to be better people and go beyond our call of duty to help a stranger in need.