The Secrets Behind How 3 Concept Restaurants Were Brought to Life

Concept restaurants are a big thing now. People nowadays don’t just search for a restaurant that serves good food, but for one that is also Instagram-worthy! However, a concept restaurant isn’t easy to conceptualize. Everything, from the food to the interiors, has to be in line with the chosen concept. Let’s hear about the conceptualization of 3 of today’s concept restaurants in the Metro.

The Secrets Behind How 3 Concept Restaurants Were Brought to Life

3. Dennis Malonzo of Some Kind of Wonderful


Named after a hit movie during the 80s, Some Kind of Wonderful will surely take you back to probably the best decade ever: the 80s. Dennis Malonzo opened the place five years ago with his sister. He was eyeing for Maginhawa, but couldn’t find a place, so they settled for Marikina instead. There were only two other restaurants in the area when they first opened, and their vision was to make Marikina the new food destination in the Metro.

Some Kind of Wonderful restaurant marikina


Photo from SKOW’s Facebook page

Sticking to their 80s theme, Some Kind of Wonderful is full of things the 80s had to offer. From albums to movie posters to toys, they even encourage their customers to donate their things from the 80s. The place will surely take you back to that decade and even for those who weren’t born during that time, Dennis said that Some Kind of Wonderful will give you glimpse of what life was back then.

2. Felix Reyes of Caffé Piansa


Student by day and cook by night, Felix Reyes is the head cook at the first jail-themed restaurant in the country, Caffe Piansa. He decided to enroll in a Culinary Arts course at Professional Academy Culinary Education because no one in his family has a business background. Felix Reyes’ family bought a house in Marikina with a two-storey building spare space. They first opened it for rent, but then decided to turn it into a restaurant as the food scene in their area was booming. His dad, a Judge, wanted a business that would reflect his profession. They did their research and found out that there is still no jail-themed restaurant in the country.

caffe piansa marikina


Photo from Caffe Piansa’s Facebook page

Caffe Piansa is no ordinary restaurant. Felix says that the whole prison-like experience is to their advantage. The interiors include a prison cell, an electric chair, and a court room. They also have posters narrating the different types of execution that were done before. Their waiters are even dressed like prisoners. Customers surely will not get bored while waiting for their food here.

1. Ally and Josiah Albelda of Ally’s All Day Breakfast

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Ally Mingo and Josiah Albelda are both from UP, so they know that the Maginhawa area is the go-to place of many Iskos and Iskas. Josiah is the one who thought of opening a breakfast place, but Ally is the one who thought of their menu. Now married, they were both working prior to opening the restaurant, but Ally resigned once they opened.

Allys All-Day Breakfast Place Personalized Waffle

Since most people love breakfast food, many restaurants have opened to offer breakfast food all day. Ally’s advantage, however, is that they serve dishes good enough for sharing at an affordable price. The whole place screams positive with yellow-painted walls and positive quotes hanging on their walls.


If you want to open a concept restaurant, choose a concept that is close to your heart or a concept that you know something about. Just remember to always stick to your chosen concept and your business will surely be here to stay.

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