Rise of the Machines? Robots have started taking over this burger restaurant

To enforce proper social distancing, of course.

Looks like the age of robots is upon us… well, in South Korea, at least. In a move to minimize human contact due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fast-food chain No Brand Burger has replaced its serving staff with robots. According to a report from Associated Press, these robots are tasked to take orders, prepare food, and serve customers.

Photo from Minimon (IG: @by_minimon)

Photo from Minimon (IG: @by_minimon)

Located in Yeoksam, No Brand Burger is a fast-food franchise run by Sinsegae or E-mart. And it’s in this new branch where you can find these “robot waiters”.

How it Works


First, customers use the touch screen to order and pay. The order is then forwarded to the kitchen, where a cooking machine starts preparing the food.  This includes heating up burger patties and buns. Human workers then add toppings and wrap up the meal, which a robot server then brings over. Customers can then get their orders through the compartments in these robots.

And done! No human contact needed.

Since restaurants in South Korea can only provide takeout and delivery after 9 PM, these account for over half its total sales this month. This was implemented due to the second wave of coronavirus infections in the country recently.

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