This convenience store chain may begin to use remote-controlled robot staff

Apparently, Family Mart isn’t the only convenience store chain that has been in need of more assistance and hands. Even Lawson and 7-11s across Japan have been trying to hire more people because of their labor crisis and the rise of demanding conditions. Family Mart has decided to enlist the help of robotics, specifically Model-T, a robot from the Telexistence company.

You need virtual reality and specific equipment in order to control Model-T, as demonstrated by the video below:

In this video, Model-T is helping stock drinks behind the beverage coolers in order to help out the person at the counter. Usually, this takes two people to do because the person who’s on duty can’t leave the counter unmanned to stock drinks. But with Model-T, it’ll reduce the number of people needed.

People are also reacting positively to the addition of these robots and their testing phase, saying they find them cool and useful.

Family Mart hopes to have Model-Ts in about 20 locations by 2022.

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