Respawn Here: Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar

Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar

As Katipunan and Xavierville Avenue continue to grow crowded with establishments, there is a gem of a place hidden away just a few minutes from the bustle of traffic. Located at 31 Xavierville Ave., Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar aims to be a haven for customers of all ages. The establishment had its soft opening on May 26th of this year, and it has more plans to widen its appeal and reach to all Katipunan dwellers and beyond.

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Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar

Game Over recognizes that it is not the only one of its kind; many other internet cafes and board game hang-outs have set up shop along the avenue over the years. But what separates this new gaming restaurant apart from others is its combination of old and new elements. Game Over looks slick on the outside, but it is also homely and welcoming inside. One gets a sense that the arcade bar’s aesthetic is also meant to reflect the history of gaming culture as well—from homemade and DIY to glossy and modern.

Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar

Upon entering Game Over, the “old” elements immediately seem to jump out in an almost anachronistic way. A large collection of imported board games is tucked into a corner beside the main entrance; customers are free to grab any set they wish at any time. Game Over also boasts a completely functional Nintendo Family Computer and two retro arcade machines pre-loaded with hundreds of classic games. To complete the homely basement vibe of the venue, different paintings and props from geek fandoms adorn the walls, while a large mural painted onto real brick stands as the centerpiece.

Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar

But the restaurant and arcade bar is perhaps even more impressive with its “new” elements. There are three spacious couch areas spread through the interior that house three PlayStation 4 units and one Wii U. For PC gamers, there is an entire enclosed room in the middle of the area with ten gaming computers and LAN support. And for customers who simply want to admire the gaming culture without playing, a glass cabinet by the door displays various video game consoles throughout history. Game Over promises to have virtual reality consoles in the future, as well as regular gaming tournaments for more competitive gamers.

With all this detail seemingly crammed into this limited space, it’s a wonder that Game Over still feels roomy. Taking up the rest of the space in the middle are tables that are perfect for board game sessions or barkada dinners.

Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade BarClockwise from top left: Naughty Strawberry Swirl milkshake (P220), Hungarian Sandwich (P240), Chicken Puffs (P250), Pizza Overload (P299), Creamy Salmon Pesto (P220)

Speaking of dinners, the one thing Game Over really wishes to place in the spotlight is their wide selection of food. The restaurant offers an eclectic mix that caters to even the pickiest of eaters. No matter what dish you select, you are guaranteed a very generous serving that makes every peso spent worth it.

Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar

When in Manila was able to sample a number of food items, and found each to come with extra sides and toppings to maximize our dining experience. Game Over’s Chicken Puffs (P250)—which are perfect for snacking while playing—also comes with crosscut potatoes, teriyaki sauce for the chicken (P25 for extra), and Srirachaya mayo dip for the potatoes (P25 for extra).

Other items that are best suited for large groups of players include the classic-tasting Pizza Overload (P299) and the Hungarian Sandwich (P240), which also comes with a plentiful amount of French fries and Sriracha mayo dip.

Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade BarPizza Overload (P299)

For customers who want to take it easier, Game Over also offers non-finger foods, such as its Creamy Salmon Pesto (P220), which balances out its salmon and pesto with bread. Finally, for those who would rather cool off than dig in, you may also order a wide selection of drinks from the bar, including the Milo Madness milkshake (P230) and the Naughty Strawberry Swirl milkshake (P220). Both milkshakes come in tall glasses and are topped with chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade BarNaughty Strawberry Swirl (P220) and Milo Madness (P230)

From its food menu, to its selection of video games, to its overall aesthetic, Game Over announces itself as a place to remember. It embraces the old while constantly pushing for newer and better. Don’t be fooled by its name; Game Over is just getting started.

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Game Over Restaurant & Modern Arcade Bar

31 Xavierville Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
+63 933 028 5298


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