Resorts Around Manila that Have Transformed into Beautiful Wellness Destinations

With a virus as the current enemy, now more than ever, we should be paying attention to our health and overall well-being. Keep in mind though that real wellness is holistic. It requires care of not just the body, but the mind and soul as well.

Luckily, there are many destinations accessible from Metro Manila that can help us ease ourselves from the stresses and all that life-changing transformations this pandemic has brought into our lives. These destinations have gone through changes themselves, proving that a transformation is often a beautiful process. We have five on the list:

5. La Chevrerie Resort and Spa, Batangas

La Chevrerie Resort and Spa Anilao Batangas

via La Chevrerie on Facebook

Believe it or not, this gorgeous resort in Anilao, Batangas started out as just a man’s personal piece of paradise where he lived his dreams of being one with nature and giving his pet goats the space to roam freely. A diver from France, he eventually realized that his sanctuary was too beautiful not to be shared—and thus La Chevrerie, which translates to “The Goat’s Place” from French, was born.

And now the former personal retreat space has transformed into a luxurious establishment that caters to travelers seeking a place to escape to. Located at one of the Philippines’ top diving spots, Anilao, La Chevrerie Resort and Spa combines elements of French design with the effortless beauty of nature. And as what they promise is a “holistically satisfying escape,” La Chevrerie also offers ultimate relaxation with their La Brise Spa, which gives guests a great view of the stunning Anilao waters as they get pampered head to toe.

052 Barangay Ligaya Anilao 4202 Mabini, Batangas
Instagram: @lachevrerieresortandspa

4. Luljetta’s Place Garden Suites, Rizal


Back in the late ’90s, the only establishment that stood within Loreland Farm Resort’s eight-hectare land in Antipolo was their hotel, which also served as a recreational and events venue. But new developments have risen in the property since then, including the quaint Luljetta’s Place Garden Suites—a destination centered on holistic health and wellness.

More than just a resort, Luljetta’s Place marked itself on the map for its wonderful spa experience and wellness offerings. Luljetta’s makes sure their guests feel reinvigorated not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well, resulting in wellness transformations that keep patrons coming back for more.

Plus, with thoughtfully mapped landscape and a picturesque view of the mountains, Luljetta’s was really designed to soothe the soul.

No stranger to transformations, Luljetta’s Place Garden Suites says so themselves—their space is constantly improving and evolving to cater to the needs of people who need a place to recharge.

Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque Antipolo, Rizal
Instagram: @luljettas

3. Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay

Nurture Wellness Village

This hidden gem in Tagaytay that’s a favorite among holistic health enthusiasts wasn’t always the all-encompassing wellness destination it is now. A couple of years ago, Nurture Wellness Village was still known as Nurture Spa Village, where its two biggest offerings were its glamping and spa experiences. But the destination has since grown to be so much more. Now known as Nurture Wellness Village, the charming property doesn’t just offer a wholesome destination for families and weekenders, it has become a haven for people who believe in the same philosophy this establishment is based upon—that nature heals. Now, people flock to Nurture Wellness Village for their Holistic Health Services that include alternative and all-natural treatment plans for people with ailments and chronic diseases.

Retreat packages are also available for individuals looking to stay with a specific wellness program planned out for them.

With food, products, and services that are closely tied to nature, you can surely find peace and healing here.

Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West Cavite, Tagaytay
Instagram: @nurturewellnessvillage

2. Lotus Valley Farm, La Union

Lotus Valley Farm San Juan La Union

via Lotus Valley Farm on Facebook

A stark contrast to the rolling waves and the adrenaline from surfing that San Juan, La Union is known for, Lotus Valley Farm, a quaint bed and breakfast also located in the surfing capital, is a place for peace and quiet. Sitting atop a mountain, about 20 minutes away from the surfing spot, Lotus Valley Farm is the place to go if you wish to reconnect with yourself. The place has modernized bamboo huts for its accommodations, which is surrounded by lush greenery. In fact, the property where Lotus Valley Farm sits is a whole “man-made” forest—a labor of love by two people who wanted to nurture a piece of land. The transformation apparently took seven years in the making, but seeing what Lotus Valley Farm is now, it has all proven to be worth it.

Wellness activities are also offered here like meditation, detox sessions, and an intro to plant-based diet. Currently, Lotus Valley Farm continues the transformation as they expand into hosting wellness retreats for individuals looking to rejuvenate the soul.

Sitio Kasilagan, Dasaya, San Juan, La Union
Instagram: @lotusvalleyfarm

1. Zambawood, Zambales

Zambawood, Luxury Beach House for Rent in San Narciso, Zambales Zambawood Cafe Rachel Harrison Keith Harrison

The transformation that happened in this lovely destination in Zambales came from a place of love. Zambawood, a private beach house in San Antonio, Zambales was primarily built as a home away from the city for a family with a child with special needs.

But this couple’s love for their child, and for their warm community, was just so immense that it transformed the place into what it is now—a welcoming home for anyone in need of a quiet retreat.

Zambawood is nestled between the beautiful agoho pine trees of Zambales, just a few minutes walk from the beach. Surrounded by nature, your ears will be filled with the melodic chirping of a variety of birds you won’t find in the big city. A recreational destination as well, you can get a massage for total relaxation, or step outdoors to surf, ride the ATV, or swim in the pool. You can even farm at the neighboring Julyan’s Farm, which is also part of the Zambawood property. There, you’ll stumble upon a sunflower farm as well, that will surely brighten up your vacation. And, at the end of the day, get ready to be pampered with delicious Filipino food served lovingly by their local cooks.

Fernandez Compound, Purok 1B, Bario La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales
Instagram: @zambawood

But if you still feel uneasy going out or rather practice your self-care at home, that’s fine, too. There are a ton of things you can do to transform your home and turn it into your own place of relaxation. You can get an ambient light, a home fragrance, and a new comfy sheet to feel like you’re in your own haven. Or sometimes, even just re-arranging the furniture works!

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