7 Reasons Why Nurture Wellness Village Should Be Your Next Summer Getaway

Written by Edriel Pascua
Photos by Rhobynne Villaluna

It’s already March, and the summer sun has already risen. I know what you’re probably planning–a trip to the beach. Who wouldn’t say no to that? But since everyone’s on vacation and is probably thinking of the same thing, beaches would surely get crowded this season.

Lucky you, there’s this hidden gem of an escape extravaganza in Amadeo, Cavite called Nurture Wellness Village. We camped there for two days and, trust me, you would want to experience the same thing (or better!).

Here are 7 reasons why Nurture Wellness Village should be your next summer getaway:

7. A breather from all the Manila stress.

Even though it’s summer, some of us still have ongoing classes or work, and no one can deny that it stresses every cell in our body. Most of us in the trip are students and actually have classes waiting when we get back, but not a single pressure was felt because of how Nurture pampered us every minute we were there.

Nurture Wellness VillageJust look how fresh we looked right after arriving. 

Nurture Wellness VillageNo, we don’t feel any pressure.

P.S. We made it to our classes, don’t worry. Well. Some of us.

6. It’s not your usual summer formula.

Let’s not deny the fact that when we plan our summer, beach trips automatically make the list. There might be no sand or waves in Nurture Wellness Village, but what they have gives equal satisfaction. There are pools, bonfire, trampoline, and tents you’ll definitely enjoy like we did.

Nurture Wellness VillageBonfire ala-Pitch Perfect. I’ve got my ticket for the long way round~

Nurture Wellness VillageOur lovely homes during our overnight stay.

5. They have a LOT in store for you.

Honestly, with everything they offer, I could create another article out of it. They have spas, tours, demonstrations, body treatments, health check-ups, and a lot more. They even offer a tour to Taal! That’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Even though we already had an overnight trip, it’s still not enough for everything they offer. You would not want to miss a single opportunity, so plan your trip well.

Nurture Wellness VillageHere’s Kuya welcoming us at the start of our “Tour of the Body.”

Nurture Wellness VillageA demonstration of shakes that help certain organs of the body.