7 Reasons Why Nurture Wellness Village Should Be Your Next Summer Getaway

4. And that includes culture!

In Nurture, they do not only take care of our health but also of our cultural heritage. They have this trip “Balik Tanaw” where you get to see the irons and stoves used before technology, and experience first-hand the traditional way of weaving and the process of pagbabayo and pagtatalip of wheat before it becomes the white rice we buy.

Nurture Wellness VillageAte was taught how to weave by the local weavers of Abra themselves.

Nurture Wellness VillageHannah and I trying to grind or pagbabayo of wheat. Not as easy as it looks.

You will also meet Maria Clara, their female carabao who looks just adorable with a flower crown.

Nurture Wellness VillageWerq it, gurl!

3. The surrounding is calming.

Nature everywhere you look. Need I say more? It’s an eye-refresher to see something cultivated instead of the same buildings and establishments. Here’s the perfect place to have your me time and “find yourself.”

Nurture Wellness VillageTold you so.

Nurture Wellness VillageDon’t forget to take your plant-aesthetic Instagram shots.

2. Health is ALWAYS a factor.

Health buffs rejoice because the food they serve here NEVER loses something green, and by green, I mean vegetables. They turn the classic favorites into healthy choices which you can still enjoy eating instead of forcing yourself because of your diet. The even better part is you know everything’s organic because it’s grown in their own “farmacy.”

Nurture Wellness VillageTold you so part 2. 

Nurture Wellness VillageTheir “farmacy.” Get it?

1. Every single peso is worth it.

There’s probably nothing more satisfying than an experience that will not only rejuvenate your body but will also provide a feeling of relaxation coursing through your soul. With Nurture’s treatments, you will find that long lost feeling of tranquility your body has been craving, so spending on them will be a good investment for your well-being.

Nurture Wellness VillageThis place is ready to welcome you.

Exciting, isn’t it? There’s actually a place where you can be on a healthy diet without having to avoid your favorite food! I bet you’re already enthusiastic in visiting Nurture Village so here’s how to contact them:

Nurture Wellness Village

Mobile: 09176878873, 09188888772
Telephone: +63 2 7109786, +632 4019030
E-mail: reservations@nurture.com.ph and/or info@nurture.com.ph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nurturewellnessvillage/

So now, what are your plans for summer? Share them in the comments!


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