Hidden Gems in La Union: Where to Eat, Where to Stay, What to Do

La Union, popularly known as Elyu to beachgoers nowadays, is known to have some of the best surfing spots near the Metro; but did you know that more than the beaches, there are a lot of hidden gems waiting to be discovered in this province?


Before you hit the waves and bask under the hot summer sun, we’d like to share some underrated places that you can try in Elyu. Whether you’re a foodie, a homebody, an eco warrior, or health buff; this province offers something for everyone.


Where to Eat in La Union


KamBak Restaurant

Namboongan Barangay Road, Santo Tomas, La Union



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This restaurant will make you come back with its wide array of menu ranging from traditional Tagalog cuisine to all-time favorite Ilocano dishes. KamBak is a wordplay on two of their main offerings: Kambing and Baka.

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They offer specialty dishes like Kinigtot, which is their house specialty, and authentic Ilocano Pinakbet.

Lomboy Farms Uvas Cafe

Bauang, La Union


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Want to have a fancy dinner or pick grapes as a fun summer activity? You can do both at Lomboy Farms Uvas Cafe.

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They offer different kinds of fruit wines that you can enjoy according to your preference. You can also do wine pairing or try out the different cakes and snacks that they serve.

Line Up Bistro

Inside Little Surfmaid


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Hungry after surfing? Line Up Bistro is along the long line of restaurants and accommodations in San Juan.

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Try out their Crispy Pata and Fresh Tanigue Steak to fuel you to ride the waves all day long.


Ciano Umok Gallery Cafe


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Owned by Cesar Dumo, this ancestral house was turned into a gallery cafe where you can find what a lot of people deem as the best halo halo in La Union.

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They create their own homemade shaved ice cream to be partnered with your favorite halo halo sahog, making their cool dessert stand out among the rest.

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You can visit and view the gallery café by taking a tricycle ride from the main highway of Brgy. Palugsi-Limmansangan, Bauang, La Union. They are open from 10AM to 6PM so you have ample time to visit this hidden gem.

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