Relationship Goals: Cute and Creative Couple Books to Prove Your Love

Seeing couples on the internet making grand gestures for each other is so fascinating and maybe a bit overwhelming. Don’t you just get warm and fuzzy inside when you get to witness two people exhausting their efforts just to make each other happy? Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of this on social media – different gimmicks of various individuals and how they execute their plans and surprises. All of them creative and truly astounding, but one couple took their creativity to a different level and will surely make all creative people pleased.


Relationship Goals Couple Books


Meet Tisha Esquejo (@TishasDiamonds) and Ken Borlongan (@KenBorlongan). Both are Multimedia Arts students from iAcademy, are passionate in the field and believe they should turn whatever they’re feeling into something beautiful. Last Thursday, on Ken’s birthday, both of them produced self-made books for each other which basically made a colossal number of people extremely elated. Ken’s tweet about the book that Tisha gave him has garnered over 5,000 retweets.

Tisha made a book as a birthday gift for her boyfriend entitled “Birthday Time”, inspired by “Adventure Time“, the popular cartoon which she and Kenneth love to watch. Inside were her birthday greetings for him and little things in their relationship that she said she appreciates a lot.


Relationship Goals Couple Books


Ken also made Tisha an illustrated journal about how they met and bits of things about his girlfriend entitled “Tisha and Ken”. When asked about what inspired him to produce the said book, he said that he has always told Tisha things along the lines of, “You fascinate me so much, I could write a book about you.”


Relationship Goals Couple Books


As a person who appreciates people’s creativity, seeing things like this is the best. It’s also amazing that their gifts were unplanned which only proves that they’re really passionate about what they do and make use of their skills and creativity on things that will make other people happy.

Check out some of Tisha’s other creative works on Instagram (@tishaesquejo). She makes traditional artwork, monochrome sketches and pinup illustrations.