Reasons Why Harvest Hotel is Your Home in Cabanatuan City


When you’re away from home, you tend to look for something which can lift that homesickness. 4-star hotel Harvest Hotel definitely gave me a home away from home during my three-day stay at their lovely place. Curious to know what’s in store for you at Harvest Hotel and why it made When In Manila’s Highly Recommended Hotels Near Manila? Read on to find out!


Harvest Hotel is something one would not expect along the busy streets of Cabanatuan. What they wanted for Harvest Hotel is for the people to still have that “Manila feel” while, at the same time, enjoying the culture and peace of the province life. Actually, Harvest Hotel is the only hotel in Cabanatuan which meets international standards as that of the hotels in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Awesome, right? I had the privilege to experience this wonderful place for three days and here’s my experience summarized in 4 major reasons.

IMG_1371Standard Queen Room

IMG_1368Pool side

IMG_1381Fitness center and gym



Reasons Why Harvest Hotel is Your Home in Cabanatuan City


4. Functions and Facilities

Aside from the initial room-marveling, one of the things that made me say, “Wow, Harvest Hotel is so cool” is that each room comes with its own router. Yes, you got that right! Your unlimited wifi access is solely your room’s own! Sir Nichie, Harvest Hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing, told us that they understand how wifi—or rather, FAST wifi—is a necessity in hotels, so Harvest Hotel made sure that their guests would never experience slow-loading news feeds and timelines.

Other functions and facilities include:

  • All-day dining restaurant
  • The Harvest Lounge
  • Pool and Pool lounge
  • Fitness center and gym
  • Massage service
  • 200 sqm ballroom, divisible to two function rooms

IMG_1135Beef Buko Sinigang

IMG_1143 Mango Strawberry Flambe

IMG_1144Posing for one of Harvest Hotel’s signature burgers, the Biggie Burger

3. Food (glorious food!)

On our second night, I told Sir Marc Montesa, Harvest Hotel’s General Manager, “Sir Marc! I think the chef will judge me already. I keep on coming back for the food!” Other than that, I told them that if only my stomach could contain more, I’d eat more! Why? Because the food was simply marvelous! The Mango Strawberry is my personal favorite. The contrast of hot and cold, and sweet and sour created a unique yet tasty blend to tickle your taste buds. Plus, they prepare it in front of you! With matching bursting flames. 

They also serve The Beef Buko Sinigang which is a Montesa family recipe. Personally, I’d describe it as a transforming soup. When I first took a sip of it, it tasted like tinola, but the taste eventually becomes sour and sinigang-like. It’s a best-of-both-worlds kind of soup, in my opinion!

Their dinner buffet also includes steaks, pastas, and pastries.








2. Fun, Friendly, and Caring Staff

I was browsing through the photos I took of the wonderful people who make up the team and I wondered which ones to use. I said I’d only use a few, but only choosing a few wouldn’t do it justice. I wanted to show everyone their smiles and, though only through photos, I wanted everyone to see how wonderful they are. They truly made me feel at home because of their hospitality. They were both professional and personal because throughout my three-day stay, their warm greetings and joyful service made me feel like we weren’t just strangers; we were, even for just three days, a family sharing a home. 

IMG_1380The living room of one of the two lofts

1. Second Home

Harvest Hotel’s branding, “Your home away from home,” is felt in every corner of the hotel. Being in the province for three days, I thought I’d feel homesick, but the hotel instantly felt like my home from the very moment I settled in. The cozy rooms and the friendly staff made my stay one of the best ones ever. I’m definitely excited to go back! 

Room rates:

  • Standard Twin / Queen: P 5,000 net (published rate)
  • Executive Suite: P 6,000 net (published rate)
  • Junior / Honeymoon Suite: P 7,000 net (published rate)
  • Loft Suite 1: P 8,000 net (published rate)
  • Loft Suite 2 (good for 4 adults): P 9,500 net (published rate)

What are you looking forward to in your visit at Harvest Hotel? Have you checked in and experienced Harvest Hotel firsthand? Tell us about it!



1179 Pio Del Pilar St. Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, 3100
Web: www.theharvesthotel.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theharvesthotel
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