Readers’ Choice: 3 Individuals Who Changed The Game in the Education and Hospitality Industry

If there’s one thing I love about my job, it’s meeting phenomenal people. That’s why every time I feature a brand, be it a restaurant, hotel, or product, I always make sure to meet the person behind the innovative idea. I would always give my compliments to her/him.

game changers part 2

Truthfully, in my three years of blogging, I’ve met several people who display not only impeccable entrepreneurial skills but with prominent people skills, as well.

customer service mentioned in their article about customer service, that people are willing to pay more just to ensure stellar customer service.

Several months ago, I shared with you 3 awesome women who changed the game in education, beauty, and health. I’m ecstatic to introduce to you another set of game changers, but this time, they are nominated by our readers.

Let’s get to know them together, shall we?

1. Kristine S. Lim – CEO, Garage 88

When I released the first batch of my game changers earlier this year, we received heaps of comments and messages about other game changers too.

Garage 88 Kristine Lim

One of the comments I received was this beautiful woman behind this 12-Wheeler burger idea only sold at Garage 88.

Garage 88 Burgers and Beers

It’s a 12-inch patty topped with homemade chili con carne and melted cheese! Read the full feature here.

I met Kristine during one of the foodie events earlier this year. I admire her being transparent and humble. She is a UP graduate and owns a foundation called JKL Foundation.

garage 88

Kristine is in her late 20’s but she already achieved a lot! On the word of Kristine, she shared a meaningful advice:

Whatever it is that you want to do, be very passionate about it. You need passion to overcome all your failures (because surely you will fail and you will fail lots of times). You need passion to keep on going no matter what. The Food and Beverage industry is a very challenging world. It’s easy to make mistakes and it takes a lot of effort to reach your goals. So keep your passion burning.

It’s no joke. Take it seriously. Don’t get into something you’re not willing to sacrifice on. It’s not a glamorous thing (getting into restaurant business). If your looking for a business that will give you fame or bragging rights, FandB is not the industry for you. Know EVERYTHING. Accounting, book keeping, inventory, handling people, cooking everything on your menu, customer service, even dishwashing and cleaning your toilet. Make sure that even if an employee walks out on you, you will be able to do that person’s task flawlessly.

Wow, that was straightforward!

2. Ma. Bea Kristine R. Garcia – Pre-school Teacher / Registered Nurse

Our reader Jilliane Eulalia Guerrero also shared her game changer with us. According to her, Ma. Bea Kristine R. Garcia is a 28-year-old registered nurse, licensed midwife, teacher (SpEd and biological science major) working on her M.A. in Education and currently the academic coordinator in a preschool in Greenhills.

Game changer 2

Moreover, she is also talented in dancing, arts, crafts and topping charts as a candidate on Season 1 of ETC’s “I Am Meg.” Her energy is both inspiring and contagious as she’s constantly finding ways to pay it forward.

Here’s why Jilliane thinks, Bea is indeed a game changer:

My favorite story of her has got to be this one time we spent all day buying school materials at Divisoria. Exhausted and hungry, we were stuck in traffic on the way back to Greenhills when she spotted an elderly homeless man walking on the street barefoot. She was so concerned about his feet and him getting dehydrated since it was so hot out. With no hesitation she took her own slippers off, handed them to me along with a bottle of water and insisted I jump out of the car and give it to the old man as she could hardly pull over to the side of the road. At that moment as I handed the man slippers and water, Bea changed the game for me with one random act of kindness. Kind heart? Check. I’m writing because something good rarely comes along. Bea is worth recognizing – gorgeous, intelligent, humble and nothing short of amazing. Though she be little she is fierce.

3. Chef Benjamin N. Ledesma – Global Academy PH

Another game changer was from Jun Leano. For him, he finds Chef Benjamin N. Ledesma, co-founder of Global Academy PH, a game changer as he changed the culinary education trend in the Philippines.

Chef Benjamin

As seen on their website:

Chef’s knowledge of both the front and back of house together with his immersion in Finance makes him a unique and very valuable asset to Global Academy. He acquired his exceptional aptitude in cooking and restaurant management through his work experience in the Westin, Hilton and Rushcutters Bay Hotels in Australia.

You guys truly are game changers and we wish you all the best. Continue to inspire everyone with your remarkable abilities and achievements in life.

Everyone is a game changer

I believe that everyone has the potential to change for the better. Whatever it is, we cannot just follow the status quo. To make a mark, we have to do things differently.

Do you know of any other trendsetters? Share them below, so we feature them, too!


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