READ: Three Types Of People Who Fidget

Truth be told, a lot of us fidget.

We do it in different ways and for all sorts of reasons. We tap our fingers incessantly because we are bored or restless. We bounce our legs repeatedly or play with our pens when we are nervous or trying to get comfortable.

Despite how common fidgeting is, there are people who have managed to unconsciously give their fidgeting habit a little twist. Here are 3 types of people who fidget in not-so-ordinary ways.

  1. The Whiplash

This guy may as well be a drummer because every time he taps his fingers, he creates a catchy beat. He reminds you of Andrew Neiman in Whiplash whenever he taps his pen on the table. Yup, even his fidgeting got rhythm.


  1. The MVP

He can do everything, and sometimes he does all these things at the same time. This guy does not fidget with only one leg, but with both of his legs, the fingers and a pen.

  1. The Batman

We all know that Batman has all his cool tools and toys to fight crime. In the case of this guy, he fidgets not just with his trusty old pen, but he owns all the new and cool fidgeting toys.

fidget cube

Which type do you belong to? Tell us in the comments.