10 Reasons Why We Love Corgis!

It’s one thing to become an adorable pooch, but being the Queen of England’s favorite dog is another.

Well, we can’t blame her highness because these dogs are indeed the cutest!

Aside from being known for their intelligence and the fact that they are easy to train, here are 10 reasons why we super love Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

10. They are photogenic.

9. They can look goofy.

8. They’re good at hiding, or not.

Hihihihihi my pawrents won’t find me here ????????????#ninjalogan #loganinthecity #loganthewelsh #corgiph #silliestcorgi

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7. They have nice, fluffy butts.

6. They look good with clothes.

5. They also look good without clothes.

4. They enjoy going out.

3. They love celebrating barkdays!

2. They are very friendly.

1. They love us back.

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If these reasons and photos aren’t enough to prove that corgis are indeed very easy to fall in love with, then there can only be one reason.

Cat person.

What do you love most about corgis? Tell us in the comments.