READ: 5 “Adulting” Truths That Almost Any Young Adult Can Relate To

Back in college you had an idea of how you wanted your first few years of adulthood would be. You jotted down notes, read articles and made goals – from your imaginary office outfits, condo unit set-up, and all the things you’re planning to buy with all the money you thought you’d have. But then, reality struck and before you knew it, you are overwhelmed with all the responsibilities ahead of you.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some of the truths that almost all young adults have realized upon entering the “real world”.


5. Saving is almost impossible.

Remember when you thought that having a job would mean that you can finally buy whatever you want? By the time you receive you first paycheck, you will surely be tempted to buy everything you want. This might go on for a while until you realize that after x number of months working, you still don’t have anything saved up.

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As fun as it may be to shop, remember that with great financial power comes great financial responsibility.

4. You’ll be eating a lot of fast food.

After spending eight to nine hours at work and having to brave the heavy traffic on your way home, you probably won’t have any time or energy to cook meals. So instead, you order take out from your favorite fast food.

No worries, soon you’ll get used to your schedule and finally find the time to squeeze in some healthy and hearty meals.

3. Dating will be difficult.

With all the bills and new responsibilities you have to face, you will have to prioritize and this might mean not having time to find your special someone. Worry not because when you have finally settled in your new lifestyle, that will follow.

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2. You won’t be using many of the things you learned in school.

Remember those theories and laws that took you several visits to the library to memorize and understand? Well, you won’t be using them per se, but having a good grasp of them will still be helpful. Plus, they will still be interesting topics to discuss in your inuman sesh with your officemates.

1. You won’t be seeing half of your friends.

Now that you are all busy trying to build your individual careers, finding time to spend with your old college buddies will be challenging. Maintaining friendships will require a lot of effort, but having someone to remember the old times with will make it worth it.

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