10 Signs That You Are A Typical Filipino Millennial

Do people tell you things like “you’re such a millennial” all the time?

Well, here are ten signs that will affirm the fact that YOU really are a typical Filipino millennial.

10. You hate it when people bash millennials.

You don’t understand why people of different generations always pick something bad about millennials. As in you have no clue why they always have something to say about you and your age group. On top of that, what bothers you most is the fact that they can’t even spell it right at times.

9. Anything artisanal, organic or handmade excites you.

You love things that take extra effort to make, especially when they look so beautiful they’d pass as art. Double points if the product is plant-based or made from organic materials. And hey, it’s a sure buy if it’s handcrafted, hand pressed or handstitched.

8. You love anything and everything local.

Not just through hashtags like #chooselocal, you really go the extra mile to support homegrown brands and products. You believe that even just a small purchase is a big help for start-up local brands.

Locally-Made Home Products and Ideas for Millennials: July 30-31 at Capitol Commons

7. Renting a place is better than buying one, or so you think.

You’re basically not a fan of settling down in just one place because you feel like the world is so big that it’s a bad idea to stay in one city for too long. And you say things like I want to keep my options open when somebody asks about it.

6. You know how to #hustle.

Juggling two to three jobs at the same time? Yeah, that’s you. Aside from your day job, you have part time and semi-parttime side hustles. You know better than just relying on your monthly salary. Not only that, your ultimate career goal is to ditch the 9 to 6 schedule and just work anywhere you want.

5. #LoveWins stories cheer your heart.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re gay, bi or whatnot, but you sure are one dope ally who will defend LGBTQ+ rights no matter what happens.

4. Romantic relationships are not your priority.

You’re okay with having a partner, but you’re just as fine without one. You don’t see being single as something to be sad about because you believe that there are far more important things in life than your relationship status.

Why I Love Being Single

3. You genuinely care about the environment.

You think twice about using plastics and say no to straws for the turtles and other animals. You prefer using eco bags and other organic materials to help preserve nature. Your heart hurts knowing that pollution is destroying natural attractions.

2. You’d rather travel than buy material things.

Instead of shopping for luxury bags and expensive perfumes, you go for adventures and explorations. You’d rather spend your hard-earned money traveling and immersing in different cultures, and you can’t wait to visit the sights and destinations our country has to offer!

Negros Island Travel

1. Genuine happiness is more important for you than anything else.

For you, a good salary, a fancy car or an impressive job title means nothing if you’re not genuinely happy with what you do. You skip jobs, you start passion projects and you face your fears as part of your constant pursuit of happiness.

So, on a scale of 1-10, how typical Filipino millennial are you?

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