Rainy Season Home Essentials

We are lucky to have a roof over our heads and the luxury to stay cozy indoors. Even though most of us are working from home now and do not have to worry about going out, we must still prepare for the wet season. These home essentials for the rainy season will keep you safe and sound from insects, diseases, unexpected power interruptions, and more. So make sure you have everything on this list to protect yourself and your family! Plus, we are giving you the links so you can buy them now on Lazada!

Water-Based Multi Insect Killer

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If dogs are man’s best friend, cockroaches are their worst enemy. You know it is going to rain when they come out and show up at your house because they do not want to drown. Be prepared to fight especially those that fly and come at you with a stash of insect killer sprays. This water-based multi insect killer spray is safe for use around carpets, draperies, no-wax floors, houseplants, and garden plants. Click here to buy it now!

Citronella Body Spray

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Speaking of uninvited guests, please welcome–the mosquitoes. Actually, don’t. Mosquitoes flock during the rainy season not particularly because of the rain, but because of its aftermath. Standing water is a place for them to lay their eggs so if you do not want your place to become a mosquito farm, you better start cleaning your gutters. Furthermore, protect yourself and your family from dengue fever by applying insect repellant spray to your skin. This Citronella body spray is made with 100% natural and plant-based ingredients. Click here to buy it now!

Sealed Garbage Bin

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You might not want that last bite of food but I know somebody who does–pests. Always make sure that your leftovers are properly sealed away and disposed of so they won’t attract pests. Especially now that insects are more prone to entering your homes. If garbage trucks do not pass by every day in your neighborhood, do yourself a favor and do not call pests in! This 20-L stainless trash bin with a foot pedal measures 45.2cm tall and 29.2cm in diameter. Click here to buy it now!

Indoor Dry Detergent

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Needless to explain, clothes take a longer time to dry without the sun. If you do not have a dryer, you will need to use a special detergent and fabric softener to avoid your clothes from smelling bad. Unless you want to carry that odor in your body because you will be wearing those clothes sooner or later. 😛 This detergent is formulated with active cleaning ingredients to maintain freshness even when you have to dry your clothes indoors. Click here to buy it now!

Portable Butane Stove

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If you are using an electric stove or an induction cooker at home, consider buying a portable butane stove too for emergency purposes. Heavy rains and storms can cause power interruptions. In case of a blackout, you will be unable to work or get bored but at least, you will not be hungry. Besides, there is food in the fridge that may not survive for long without a working refrigerator so chop, chop! This portable butane stove comes with 4 butane bottles and a case. Click here to buy it now!

High-Capacity Power Bank

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During a blackout, a power bank will come in handy. Never drain your cellphones so you can make important calls in case of emergencies. Some devices on the other hand require more power like your laptops or electric fans. Since you can never be sure when electricity will be back, it is best to have a reliable supply. This high-capacity power bank has a plug socket and can be recharged with AC, solar, or a car DC charger. Click here to buy it now!

Emergency Light

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No one wants to be literally left in the dark. You can always use your phone’s flashlight but you might want to save its battery for better use. You are prone to accidentally breaking something when you cannot see in the dark. Insects will also feast on you at nighttime or worse, someone could break into your house. Keep your home well-lit even without electricity with emergency lights! This 2-bulb automatic emergency light can last up to 8 hours for 2 bulbs (at full charge) and 14 hours for 1 bulb (at full charge). Click here to buy it now!

BONUS: Grow Light

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Grow lights are a plantito/plantita must-have. These are lights that are specially made to aid plants’ various stages of growth. They are usually used to grow plants indoors like herbs or as a substitute for sunlight to those who live in apartments or condos without outdoor space or not enough sunlight source. If you want to keep your plants healthy even on rainy days, get a grow light for backup. This grow light has 3 timer modes (4 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours), 5 dimmable luminance modes, 3 lighting quantity options, and a red/blue-Ray switch. Click here to buy it now!

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