PWR Wrevolution X 2017: The Day PWR Rocked the Unilab Bayanihan Center

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-rosales-fliesMiguel Rosales flies off!

PWR Wrevolution X 2017, Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s (PWR) biggest yearly event, happened last April 30, 2017 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center. Wrevolution X is similar to World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) annual Wrestlemania in terms of the ‘big event’ atmosphere. Wrevolution X 2017 totally rocked the Unilab Bayanihan Center from start to finish with bodyslams, dives off the ring, and high stakes matches.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-boltBolt exits the ring after his victory

Bolt vs Nina

The “anime-zing” fighter went toe-to-toe with Nina. The fierce newcomer wasted no time and dominated Bolt for most of the match. Nina tried to finish Bolt off with moves such as a deep DDT and Charlotte Flair’s Natural Selection move. Bolt overcame his opponent’s attacks after he countered Nina’s DDT attempt with his finishing move he calls the “Otaku Driver” and got the 1-2-3.


Alexander Belmonte III vs McKata

McKata briefly talked on the mic to give a little verbal jabbing to his opponent. It was an evenly contested match with McKata almost going for the upset victory. McKata would get a near fall with an Attitude Adjustment (ala John Cena) at one point, but it was all for naught. The Third Iteration of Belmonte subdued McKata in the end with his finisher the “Money Down” (revolving facebuster).

A Main Maxx Update

Former PWR PHX Champion Main Maxx made his way to ringside and said that he has suffered an ACL and MCL injury that would force him to be inactive for about 9 months to a year. He promised the revo-nation that he’ll see them soon.


pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-delerium-carleaux-trianDax and Trian start the match

Evan Carleaux and Trian Dela Torre vs Delerium (Dan Ericson and Dax Xaviera)

Evan Carleaux and Trian Dela Torre faced the exciting duo of Dax and Dan in the final pre-show match. The recent PWR Bootcamp Graduates gave Delerium a run for their money at the start by isolating Dax from his corner. Trian and Evan impressed the crowd with their own double team moves. Dan Ericson got the ‘hot tag’ from Dax and lit up Dela Torre and Carleaux. The end saw Trian Dela Torre being hit with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination from Delerium for the pinfall win. Delerium stay undefeated in Wrevolution X with a record of 2-0. Their first victory was last year when they took on Mike Madrigal and Kevian Skull.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-mahaba-apocThe Apocalypse (left) is perched on top while Mahaba (right) looks on

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-mahaba-apoc1Mahaba w/ the Jaccolade

All Out War Match: Rederick Mahaba vs The Apocalypse

It was “Love” (Rederick Mahaba) vs “Hate” (The Apocalypse) in this All Out War Match that started the main show. Mahaba was the first to strike, punishing Apocalypse with a steel tray. The Apocalypse used a couple of foreign objects at his disposal to wrest control of the match. The fight spilled briefly outside before they returned in the ring to continue their ringside war. Rederick Mahaba drove the Apocalypse into a piece of ply wood that violently broke in two upon the mask man being sent its way. Mahaba delivered his signature “It’s More Slam in the Philippines” and quickly transitioned into the Jaccolade. The Apocalypse got the pinfall victory after he countered the Jaccolade and dropped Mahaba with the Death Bell.


pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-ralph-chinoGuinto (left) vs Imabayashi (right)

Chino Guinto vs Ralph Imabayashi

Peter Versoza interfered and forced the referee to call a ‘no contest’ in this match. Mr. Sy told Versoza he wasn’t that smart for interfering and instead of a Triple Threat match, it will now be a Fatal Four-Way match for the PHX Title with Versoza, SANDATA, Guinto, and Imabayashi. Mr. Sy said to Versoza “ginusto mo ‘yan”, before leaving ringside.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-idol-martivoMartivo has Idol in his grasps

James “Idol” Martinez (w/ Alexander Belmonte III) vs Martivo (w/ Robynn)

It was a match that brewed from PWR Path of Gold where Martivo was falsely accused of eliminating Idol. Martivo had the mental edge earlier on with him grinding on Idol during a waistlock and having the capacity crowd chant to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. Alexander Belmonte III tried to distract the referee but Robynn was there to stop his intentions. Idol would use his wits to get Robynn ejected seconds later for Martivo to be left at a 2-on-1 disadvantage.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-idol-martivo1Idol uses his supplements on Martivo!

Idol delivered a successful triangle slap on Martivo and with a bronco buster (which he stopped mid-way for some reason). Martivo fought back and tried to deliver his finisher on Idol, but Belmonte III rolled in one of the PWR ring crew in the ring to distract everyone. While the referee was distracted, Idol threw Idol Supplement Powder AND the container on Martivo before he delivered his “Pay-In” finisher for the victory.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-bombay-kwBombay vs Ken Warren

Bombay Suarez vs Ken Warren

Things immediately got heated when Ken Warren attacked Bombay before the start of the match. Bombay fought back and delivered his famous flaming chop across the chest of his opponent. Bombay pinned Warren with a sit-down double underhook powerbomb for two. Bombay almost got a near 3 count after hitting the Kick of the Day enzugiri on Warren. Suarez tried to go for his Bombshelter maneuver, but Ken Warren planted him with a DDT.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-bombay-kw-1 pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-bombay-kw2Ken Warren lights it up for a low blow!

The end saw the YOLO twins appearing ringside to distract the referee giving Ken Warren enough time to deliver a flaming low blow (yes, you read it right) on Bombay Suarez. Ken Warren pinned his opponent 1-2-3 to get the win.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-bombay-tag-beltsMr. Sy with the belts

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-yolo-elbowYOLO Twins elbow drop on Joey Bax

For the PWR Tag Team Championship: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) vs the Deadly Sinns (Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk) vs The YOLO Twins (Logan and Yohann Ollores)

The YOLO twins were on fire at the start of the match, delivering stereo superkicks and suicide dives on Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales. They would also take down Madrigal and Sinnsyk with stereo flying neckbreakers. The mini brawl culminated with Madrigal being caught with a superkick/German suplex combo from Rosales and one of the YOLO twins. The match formally started with Logan Ollores and Miguel Rosales locking horns in the ring. Rosales had control of Ollores as he tagged in Bax for a double team maneuver on Logan. Joey Bax would be in trouble for the majority of the match with the YOLO twins and the Deadly Sinns isolating him. Bax would be on the receiving end of a hard chop from Vlad, a YOLO elbow drop from the twins, and even a Backbreaker/Elbow drop combo from Madrigal and Sinnsyk.

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-yolo-moonsaultLogan Ollores delivers a moonsault to the outside

pwr-wrevolution-x-2017-when-in-manila-yolo-titlesThe YOLO Twins win the belt!

Bax mustered up his strength to make it to his corner for the hot tag to Rosales. Rosales brought his opponents to “barangay suplex”, delivering a handful of German suplexes to the twins and the deadly sins. Rosales flew off the top rope to lay waste on his opponents outside the ring. Logan Ollores would deliver beautiful moonsault splash from the top rope and to his opponents on the outside. Ken Warren made his presence felt at ringside as he grabbed one of the belts. Warren would use the belt to clock Rosales and Madrigal respectively for one the YOLO twins to pin the dazed Madrigal 1-2-3 and become the very first PWR Tag Team Champions.

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