5 Awesome Things You Missed at the PWR Path of Gold

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-apocThe Apocalypse

PWR Path of Gold was one amazing show that happened last February 26, 2017 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center. There were a lot of incredible moments that we’ve witnessed that Sunday afternoon. If you weren’t there, I’d be proud to tell you that you missed out on a lot of kick-ass pro wrestling action. If you thought PWR Live Bagong Yugto was great, in my opinion, this was greater. Here are 5 awesome things you missed.

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-mckataevanEvan Carleaux locks in the Tech Noir

5 Awesome Things you Missed Out at the PWR Path of Gold

5. New Kids On The Block

Evan Carleaux and McKata were introduced in the first pre-show match. They may not be the Boston-based group, but the newbies were hanging’ tough and put on an impressive debut match. Evan Carleaux got the victory with his submission move called the “Tech Noir”.

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-suedeblack“Beautiful” Billy Suede stands on the apron as Blackzilla looks on


4. International Wrestlers

PWR Path of Gold gave us two International Professional Wrestlers: the Filipino-Canadian called “Beautiful” Billy Suede and the enormous masked man known as “Blackzilla”. Suede has been wrestling for the past decade and has been trained by former WWE Wrestler Lance Storm. Suede’s mostly known for his stint in the Canadian-based promotion, Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW), where he won both the Heavyweight Championship and Tag Team Championship on separate occasions.

Not much is known about Blackzilla, but rumor is that the man under the mask is a former wrestler from Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).

These two put on a good performance in the pre-show regardless of the fact that Blackzilla was injured mid-match. “Beautiful” Billy Suede won this special attraction match with a big splash from the top rope.

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-pvmaxx1Main Maxx pummels Versoza on the corner

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-pvmaxx2Versoza sets Maxx up for the Karne Norte

3. High-Stakes Matches

Both the PHX Title and the PWR Championship were at stake for PWR Path of Gold. Former Royal Flush members Main Maxx and Peter Versoza clashed for the PHX title and it was a grudge match for the ages. Main Maxx, the former PHX Champion, took the PHX Champion to the limit and almost got the win with his Blitzkrieg Chokebomb. However, it was Versoza who would win via his finishing move, the Petegree.

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-apocoldschoolThe Apocalypse goes Old School on Sebastian


The Apocalypse takes a powerbomb from JDL and John Sebastian through the steel steps

The PWR Championship match was an “All Out War” affair with the champion John Sebastian defending his belt against Jake De Leon and The Apocalypse. The match was an all out brawl in and out of the wrestling ring. At one point JDL and Sebastian would band together and powerbomb the Apocalypse through the steel steps. John Sebastian would retain his gold after he took out De Leon with his Killshot, with the assist of his PWR Championship belt placed on his opponent’s face.


The Network’s Chino Guinto drew no. 1 and made it to the final 3


The YOLO Twins, Mike Madrigal, and Vlad Sinnsyk dive to the outside!

2. The 2017 Path of Gold Highlights

The 2017 Path of Gold boasted 20 (plus one surprise entrant) competitors and had a lot of memorable moments such as:

  • Miguel Rosales sending everyone to Barangay Suplex;
  • Robynn vs Crystal;
  • Bombay Suarez as the 21st entrant;
  • Chino Guinto’s surprise elimination of his leader James “Idol” Martinez;
  • Ralph Imabayashi hitting everyone in the ring with his Sonic Crusher Finisher;
  • Chino Guinto pulling an upset elimination and pinning JDL; and
  • A whole lot of wrestlers diving/flying to the outside of the ring.

There was no doubt that this year’s Path of Gold had a lot of moments where you should’ve been there to see it yourself. However, there was no other bigger moment for one wrestler than him winning this match which leads us to…

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-panzerimabayashikwPanzer and Imabayashi set up Ken Warren for something big

PWR-Path-of-Gold-Top-Five-Things-You-Missed-Out-When-in-manila-panzerChris Panzer Victorious!

1. Panzer Army Revival

The 2017 Path of Gold ended with the victory of the leader of the Panzer Army, Chris Panzer. Panzer was on a slump before 2017 started, losing a couple of high-profile matches such as his match with John Sebastian in last year’s Wrevolution X. With Panzer winning the 20-man Path of Gold Match, he will be facing the PWR Champion at Wrevolution X 2017.

Will he overcome his ‘choke artist’ tag and win his upcoming PWR Championship match at PWR Wrevolution X? Will Panzermonium reign in PWR soon? We may not have answers for that, but we have this: The Panzer Army is back in full action and ready to head out to Wrevolution X!


We would like to thank Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) for having us cover this exciting event. I can’t wait to see PWR Live: Mainit this March 19th at the Unilab Bayanihan Center.

Photos by: Jonathan Guillermo

PWR Path of Gold Quick Results

Pre-Show Match 1: Evan Carleaux d. McKata via Submission
Pre-Show Match 2/Special Attraction Match: “Beautiful” Billy Suede d. Blackzilla via Pinfall
Path of Gold Qualifying Match: Dax Xaviera d. Dan Ericson via Pinfall
For Rederick Mahaba’s Path of Gold Slot: Rederick Mahaba d. Alexander Belmonte III via Submission
For the PHX Title: Peter Versoza © d. Main Maxx via pinfall to retain the PHX Title
For the PWR Championship: John Sebastian © d. Jake De Leon and the Apocalypse after he pinned Jake De Leon to retain the PWR Championship
2017 Path of Gold: Chris Panzer wins the 2017 Path of Gold match after defeating Ralph Imabayashi via pinfall