PWR Live: Bagong Yugto – A Literal New Chapter for PWR to Start 2017

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) had their first show in 2017 in the form of PWR Live: Bagong Yugto. The fans at Venue 142 in Katipunan, Quezon City, had a blast and so did we. In case you missed it, here’s what happened at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto!

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-Bombay-vs-XavieraBombay (left) returns against Dax (right)

Pre Show Match: Dax Xaviera vs Bombay Suarez

 “PWR’s Heart and Soul” and resident b*tch killer, Bombay Suarez, made his return to PWR after a year-long absence. He took on Dax Xaviera of Delerium in the pre-show match. The young Xaivera tried to get a win over the PWR legend but fell short after getting hit by Bombay’s Bombshelter slam for the 1-2-3. Highlights of the match included Bombay delivering his patented flaming chop across the chest of the young Delerium member.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-StanMr. Sy

Mr. Sy Announces Special Guests and PWR’s Next Show

PWR General Manager Mr. Sy welcomed the crowd to the show and announced the attendance of some special guests from the WWE, WWE Vice President for Talent Development Canyon Ceman and General Manager for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region, Mr. Chris Marsh. Mr. Sy announced that the next show, PWR Path of Gold, will be set at the Unilab Bayanihan Center, on February 26, 2017. He told the PWR locker room that tonight is their “shot” and just like that Eminem show, they can’t can miss this once in a lifetime shot.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-madvlad-punkdollsMadrigal slaps Martivo

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-madvlad-punkdolls-1Punk Dolls isolate Vlad

Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk vs The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)

The Punk Dolls controlled the action early on in this match up with Martivo and Robynn isolating Vlad Sinnsyk and his arm. However, Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk would take over the rest of the matchup after isolating Martivo. Martivo eventually tagged out to Robynn and she was a house on fire! She took out Vlad with some hard clotheslines and delivered a slice bread bulldog from the corner. Madrigal and Sinnsyk would secure the win eventually after they finished things off with an assisted Muscle Buster on Robynn. The crowd still showed their love for the Punk Dolls after their defeat by chanting “this is bongga” to PWR’s dynamic duo.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-mahababelmonte-1Mahaba slams Belmonte III

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-mahababelmonte-2Guinto stomps Mahaba

Rederick Mahaba vs Alexander Belmonte III

 “The King of Schlong Style”, Rederick Mahaba looked to defeat The Network’s Alexander Belmonte III to continue his dominance over the men in green. Belmonte proved to be a tougher foe than Mahaba expected him to be, using his own strength to ground PWR’s afrodesiac. Rederick Mahaba used his strength and agility to fight back. He eventually locked Belmonte in his dreaded Jaccolade! The Network used their numbers advantage to secure the win after Belmonte III pinned Mahaba after Guinto sneaked in the ring and delivered his Gold Digger stomp while Idol distracted the referee.


PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-warren-panzer-2Panzer goes for the El Guerrero

Ken Warren vs Chris Panzer

2017 marked the return of my favorite PWR rivalry, Chris Panzer vs Ken Warren. Both men put on a great match, hitting the other with their respective signature moves and such. A dueling chants of “Let’s go Panzer” and “Warren Pa Rin!” reverberated through Venue 142 as the match was happening. At one point, Ken Warren avoided Panzer’s El Guerrero Frog Splash and was ready to take the win with his Winning-Finish. However, Panzer avoided that gruesome fate and hit Warren with the Panzerschreck! The end saw Panzer getting the win over Warren after he finally connected with his El Guerrero Frog Splash off the top turnbuckle.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-ralphchino1aRalph Imabayashi delivers a double knee drop from the top

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-ralphchino2Idol and Chino

Chino Guinto vs Ralph Imabayashi

The former PWR Champion gave The Network’s “Golden Boy” a very hard time in the ring with his signature kicks and strikes. Guinto took control of the match soon and stopped any momentum Ralph had in mounting for a possible comeback. Imabayashi’s fighting spirit would not be deterred any longer as he came back with hard-hitting forearms and locking Guinto in the sharpshooter. Alexander Belmonte III tried to interfere on Chino Guinto’s behalf, but he and Rederick Mahaba were ejected after the two fought outside the ring. Ralph Imabayashi was about to get his victory, that was until Idol showed up. Idol distracted the referee and it gave Guinto enough time to sneak in a low blow to the former PWR Champion and finish things off with the Gold Digger. The Network went 2-0 after Guinto’s win over Imabayashi.


The PHX Champion – Main Maxx

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-maxxversoza-2PV with a dropkick on Maxx

For the PHX Championship: Main Maxx © vs Peter Versoza

Two former members of the Royal Flush went head-to-head for the PHX title. A “Maxx is gonna kill you” chant was directed at Versoza after he showed disrespect to Maxx before the match. Both men tried to one up each other at the start, but it was Main Maxx who fared better by the use of his strength and resilience over Versoza. Maxx kept #VersozaOnTheFloor by delivering body slams, splashes and by even connecting with three successive overhead waistlock suplexes. Versoza took control after he attacked Maxx outside the ring. At one point, Versoza countered Maxx’s Blitzkreig attempt and hit his finishing move, the Petegree. The PHX Champ, however, blocked the move.

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-maxxversoza-3Maxximum Mutilation is locked in!

PWR-Live-Bagong-Yugto-Results-When-in-Manila-maxxversoza-4Petegree on Maxx

It was almost certain that Main Maxx would retain after he trapped Versoza in his Maxximum Mutilation submission lock. However, PV escaped the submission move. Versoza would surprise everyone in the crowd when he used an exposed turnbuckle to stun his opponent and hit the Petegree. Peter Versoza became the NEW PHX Champion and ended Main Maxx’s legendary PHX Championship reign.

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