PWR Renaissance – Lightning Strikes Twice For PWR’s Second Renaissance Event

 pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Warren-Ralph-1Ken Warren and Fighters 4 Hire observe Ralph Imabayashi’s entrance


PHX Tournament Finals Match: Ken Warren vs. Ralph Imabayashi

This match was originally a semi-finals match. However, as per the announcement of Mayhem and Panzer’s injury, it was announced by Mr. Sy to be the FINALS match to crown the first Philippine Hybrid X Champion. One of the interesting things in this matchup was the revelation that Ken Warren had Fighters 4 Hire in his payroll. It explained the reason behind Bax and Rosales’ attack on Panzer and Mayhem. Ken Warren, at the start of the match, taunted Ralph Imabayashi outside the ring with the help of his two new bodyguards. Imabayashi would deliver a hard dropkick on Warren after the latter made his return to the wrestling ring. Ralph delivered a barrage of corner attacks (dropkicks, kicks, charges, etc.) on Ken Warren before he leveled him with a stomp-flying clothesline combo that sent the Social Media Sinister down. Ralph Imabayashi, with Warren prone on the ring ropes, delivered a masterful spinning neckbreaker, but only managed a count of 2. Ken Warren rolled to the outside of the ring after Imabayashi delivered another barrage of kicks to him. Ken caught an incoming Ralph Imabayashi on the outside with an inverted atomic drop. Warren sent Ralph crashing through the ring steps before he would head back to the ring and distract the referee. Fighters 4 Hire double team on Ralph Imabayashi before they wipe him out across the row of chairs at ringside. Imabayashi would crawl back to the ring before the count of 10.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Warren-Ralph-3Ken Warren sends Imabayashi down with a Razor’s Edge from the top

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Warren-Ralph-2Imabayashi drives Ken Warren to the mat

Ken Warren would control the matchup before Ralph delivers a kick to the face. Ken Warren would fight back with a kick of his own and leveled Ralph with a Backstabber for a 2 count. Imabayashi surprised Ken Warren with a modified crossface. Ralph got distracted by the Fighters 4 Hire and it gave Warren the opportunity to dropkick him and get a 2 count. Imabayashi fought back with his suplex to samoan drop combo. Ralph Imabayashi delivered 2 successive splashes off the top rope but failed to connect with a 3rd one. Still stuck on the corner, Imabayashi was grabbed by Warren, who drove him to the mat with a Razor’s Edge. Ken Warren attempted to finish things off with his Wi-Fi, but Ralph avoids it and connected with the Sonic Crusher! The finisher got a 2 count once Miguel Rosales got in the ring and tried to delivera n F5. The F5 was avoided and the duo of the Fighters 4 Hire got ejected from ringside. Ralph Imabayashi delivered a masterful spin kick on Ken Warren and was about to finish things off until John Sebastian came in to interfere. Ken Warren would exploit the opportunity and roll up Ralph Imabayashi (and use the ropes) for the pinfall victory.


Ken Warren made PWR History that night as the FIRST Philippine Hybrid X Champion. After the match, Ken Warren left the ringside celebrating with his new bodyguards. Ralph, on the other hand, grabbed a Royal Flush shirt and showed the crowd what he thought of the group.


pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Suplado-show-1Kanto Terror doing the Pabebe Wave on the Suplado Show

The Suplado Show with Stanley Chi (Guest: Kanto Terror)

The PWR Debut of the Suplado Show by Stanley Chi gave us the return of Kanto Terror. The PWR favorite was noticeably still recovering from the eye injury he sustained at the hands of Apocalypse during PWR Live. The interview started off well with Stanley asking Kanto Terror about Ladies Drinks, what he thought about his PWR fans and his message to them. However, things got awkward when Stanley asked about Kanto Terror’s recovery from the eye injury. The Terror from Kanto Tinio Street Mandaluyong City was speechless and had to walk out.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Suplado-show-2Mark D. Manalo confronts Mr. Sy

Moments later, Mark D. Manalo stormed in and confronted Stanley Chi, asking why he’d ask such a personal question. Manalo would later call out Mr. Sy himself and asked why he placed a monster such as Apocalypse in the Main Event. Mr. Sy defended his move and explained that Apocalypse was part of the main event because he did things that proved to Mr. Sy he earned the said shot. He flipped the table on Manalo and asked him what he’s done in the past few months after coming to the PWR and if it merited a title shot. Things got heated and Mr. Sy called security to escort Mark D. Manalo out of ringside after being touched by the latter. Before the main event, Mr. Sy said that due to John Sebastian’s victory over Bombay, he’ll get to be ringside at the main event with the Royal Flush. However, due to Main Maxx’s interference, Main Maxx will NOT be allowed to go ringside during the main event.


pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-bryan-leo-hidingBryan Leo’s (ALMOST) Fool-Proof Strategy to Win

PWR Championship Match: Bryan Leo vs. The Apocalypse vs. Jake De Leon

The main event started off with Bryan Leo trying to convince Apocalypse and JDL to fight with him and take out the other competitor. His attempts were foiled and both challengers took turns delivering some punches and kicks to the champion at the early going. Bryan Leo retreated to the outside of the ring after getting hit by a superkick from JDL. What would transpire in the next few minutes of the match would be hilarious with Bryan Leo stalking from the outside of the ring, waiting for his time to pounce in and get a pinfall. He did this little strategy for 2-3 times before JDL and Apocalypse noticed his little scheme. JDL and Apocalypse would catch Bryan Leo and deliver a double suplex on the PWR champion. Apocalypse delivered a leg drop on Leo before JDL followed it up with an elbow drop. Apocalypse had Leo in his grasps and JDL tried to deliver his arraro strike but the Champ escaped and it hit the masked man instead. Bryan Leo sent JDL to the mat before delivering his signature diving headbutt. Leo would then work on JDL’s leg until the Apocalypse came to break it off.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Main-Event2JDL delivers a clothesline to the Apocalypse

PWR RenaissanceBryan Leo goes for a diving headbutt on the Senyorito

The masked mad man punished Leo with some clubbing blows before he sent the champ down with a big boot. The Apocalypse locked in a Boston Crab on Bryan Leo but JDL was there to break things off. JDL attacked Apocalypse on the top rope and was about to deliver a superplex, but Bryan Leo was there to powerbomb the Senyorito to the mat. The Apocalypse would take this opportunity to take out the champ with a flying clothesline. The Apocalypse took down JDL and pinned him for only a 2 count. JDL got fired up at one point and sent both of his opponents on opposite sides of the ring. He would then charge at them with a barrage of corner clotheslines before he would deliver a rolling thunder on the Apocalypse. Jake De Leon would do the same on Bryan Leo, but the crafty PWR champion avoided the move. Bryan Leo put up and impressive show moments later by delivering a Figure Four Leglock on JDL and an ankle lock on the Apocalypse at the same time. This would come up short as the Apocalypse powered out of the move and delivered a mighty boot to the champion. JDL would take down Apocalypse with a superkick.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Main-Event4Bryan Leo with an impressive submission combo on both opponents

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Main-Event5The Apocalypse sends JDL to the mat

JDL delivered an alipin drop on Apoc for a two. Apocalypse would go on a rampage and deliver the Death Bell on both JDL and Bryan Leo. John Sebastian tried to pull Leo out of the ring, but the Apocalypse spotted him and gave him the Death Bell for his troubles. The lovely Scarlett tossed her shoes in anger at Apocalypse and gave him some water for good measure. It was a futile exercise as the masked mad man grabbed her and ALSO gave her his Death Bell finisher. Things looked like primed for Apocalypse’s victory, until a larger version of SANDATA came in the ring and speared him. The man took off his mask to reveal an angry Mark D. Manalo as he left the ringside area. Bryan Leo took advantage of this situation and pinned an out cold JDL for the victory. Leo retained his PWR title. The Royal Flush would do a small celebration at ringside as the show finished


PWR Renaissance

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-bryan-leo-and-fansPWR Champion Bryan Leo poses with the fans

Overall, the second PWR Renaissance was one of the best events the promotion has in the year 2015. From the pre-shows to the main event, it was a great pro wrestling card from start to finish. I can say that the Bombay-Sebastian match, Warren-Imabayashi match and the main event match were my personal favorites. Just as always, the fans were into it and the chants were outright awesome. There were “Rated K” and “Havaianas” chants everywhere during the time Bombay released the sandals from the bag and “Sitaw” chants at the same match. We here at wheninmanila.com would like to thank and congratulate the hard working men and women of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution for producing such a high-quality show. We can’t wait to see what PWR will bring on its next show.


WIM Photos by: Hub Pacheco, Jonathan Guillermo and Martin Vicencio


PWR Renaissance Quick Results:

Pre-Show: The Machine def. Vintendo by pinfall.

Pre-Show: Mark D. Manalo def. Jimmy Orellana by submission.

Two out of Three Falls Match: Fighters 4 Hire def. Dual Shock 2-1.

PHX Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Mayhem def. Chris Panzer by pinfall.

No-Holds Barred Match: John Sebastian def. Bombay Suarez by pinfall.

PHX Tournament Finals Match: Ken Warren def. Ralph Imabayashi to win the PHX Title.

PWR Championship: Bryan Leo def. The Apocalypse and Jake De Leon by pinfall to retain the PWR Championship.