PWR Renaissance – Lightning Strikes Twice For PWR’s Second Renaissance Event


Last year, PWR made its debut at the Makati Square Arena with PWR Renaissance and started the rebirth of the Philippine Professional Wrestling scene. Fast forward to the second PWR Renaissance, and everyone would realize that the PWR has fully reinvigorated the Philippine Pro-Wrestling landscape! From showcasing a new crop of wrestlers to a new talk show, PWR Renaissance was the night that proved that PWR is not only here to stay, but will be going to even greater heights in the next few years.


pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-vintendo-machine1Vintendo vs The Machine: Two Titans Collide

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-vintendo-machine2The Machine Slams Vintendo

Pre-Show – Vintendo vs. The Machine

Two powerhouses collided at the very first pre-show match for Renaissance. The versatile Vintendo was looking for his second straight win in PWR but The Machine would prove to be a very huge obstacle. The two behemoths locked horns in the middle of the ring and it was a test of strength for both of them to try and move the other. The Machine would get the upperhand and deliver a powerful sidewalk slam for a 2 count. Vintendo attempted to get the advantage and delivered a ‘shorykuen’ uppercut at the corner. The Machine grabbed Vintendo in the ring and would lock him in a bear hug for atleast 2 times. On the second attempt, Vintendo would get out and deliver a neckbreaker..finally sending the bigger man down. Vintendo delivered his patented hadouken and it got a two count. Vintendo would display his sheer strength with a bodyslam on the huge Machine but it would only garner yet another 2 count. The match ended with The Machine grabbing Vintendo and delivering a belly-to-belly suplex for the 1-2-3.

PWR RenaissanceJimmy has Mark D. Manalo right where he wants him

PWR RenaissanceMark with the Manalo Lock

Pre-Show – Mark D. Manalo vs. Jimmy Orellana

The crowd favorite Mark D. Manalo faced off against the brash and talented Jimmy Orellana. Both men did an amusing pre-match pose-down to show off their…unique physiques. Manalo grossly overmatched Jimmy in the weight department. Jimmy tried his best to take down Manalo with a running shoulder block from all four corners of the ring…but to no avail. Mark D. Manalo hit an impressive splash on Jimmy but only got a two count in the early going. Jimmy turned the tide with a knee smash. There were a couple of times Jimmy tried to distract the referee so he could do some underhanded tactics. Sadly, the referee was too smart for Jimmy’s antics and kept a close eye on him. Orellana was impressive as he delivered a bronco buster to Manalo and would control the match. Mark D. Manalo delivered a comeback with a Dusty Elbow and a windup elbow drop for a 2 count. Jimmy attempted a lowblow at the end of the match but Manalo grabs him just in time and finishes him off with the Manalo Lock for the submission win.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-dual-shockPeter Versoza and SANDATA of Dual Shock

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Dual Shock (SANDATA and Peter Versoza) vs. Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales)

The two rivaling tag teams squared off at the Makati Cinema Square to settle their heated rivalry. SANDATA and Rosales squared off for the first fall and the masked superstar delivered a flury of dropkicks and kicks to his opponent. SANDATA’s advantage would easily fade as Rosales grabbed him and delivered 2 sucessive German suplexes. The first fall went to Fighters for Hire once Rosales pinned SANDATA with the F-5. Peter Versoza and Joey Bax tangled in the second fall with Versoza delivering a thez press to his opponent. Versoza displayed his agility after he delivered some amazing flips to avoid Bax. He delivered a top rope splash on Joey Bax for a 2 count. Fighters 4 Hire would double team on Versoza with a double suplex and then a leg drop/splash combo. SANDATA and Bax get a hot tag from their respective partners and it’s SANDATA who is a ‘HOUSE EN FUEGO’ with his barrage of dropkicks to Joey Bax. He tagged out to Peter Versoza who connects with an elbow drop and a pedigree to give Dual Shock a pinfall victory for fall two.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-DualShock-Fighters4Hire-2Peter Versoza goes for a splash on Joey Bax

PWR RenaissanceDual Shock’s Dual Suplex

The third fall saw Peter Versoza delivering the big swing on Bax. Moments later, Dual Shock would do a dive and a splash off the top rope to wipe out the Fighters 4 Hire on the outside. Peter Versoza connected with an impressive double knee gut buster on his opponent for a 2 count. Rosales delivered a desperation F5 and laid out both Versoza and himself. The hot tags come in again and it’s SANDATA vs Bax. Dual Shock eventually took over and were poised to finish things off. However, SANDATA missed his running knee and would accidentally hit his partner Peter. Rosales would use this to his advantage and deliver an F5 yet again to SANDATA to claim the 3rd and final fall of the night.


pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-DualShock-End2The End of Dual Shock

After the match, Peter Versoza berated SANDATA for losing the match for the team. Versoza stated that the team known as Dual Shock is no more. Peter floored SANDATA with a pedigree before he left ringside.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-panzer-posePanzer poses for the Panzer Army

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-mayhem-poseThe Leader of the Brannigan Brigade!

PHX Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Mayhem vs. Chris Panzer

The first semi-finals match featured the Leader of the Panzer Army taking on the masked crusader known as Mayhem Brannigan. Both men shook hands before the match started to show their respect for one another (and maybe friendship…yeah, friendship). Both Panzer and Mayhem had a quick exchange of holds with no one getting the upperhand. At one point, both men would try to top the other in a ‘spinarooni’ contest that would make Booker T proud. Mayhem sent Panzer down with a knee smash and got a 2 count. Mayhem continued his assault on Panzer with some hard elbows, and kicks. Mayhem attempted to deliver a dive through the ring ropes with Panzer on the outside, however, the latter saw it and stopped Mayhem’s momentum with a powerful European Uppercut. Chris Panzer connected with a frog splash on Mayhem for a two count. Mayhem caught Panzer at one point with a kimura lock, but Panzer pins him on the mat for a 2 count. Panzer tried to hit Mayhem with the Panzerschreck but missed. The two friends would brawl to the outside for a brief moment and it was highlighted with Panzer trying to toss a Mayhem circle fan to the crowd..only for the said item to come flying back at his direction. With both men back in the ring, Panzer channeled the spirit of Hulk Hogan for a legdrop. Sadly, it only was a two-count. Panzer blocked the Rock n Roll finisher attempt of Mayhem and slammed him with a vertical suplex before connecting with a side walk slam for a two-count. The two friends would go on to do a ‘chopping’ contest at one point of the match before Mayhem would deliver a knee drop on his opponent.

PWR RenaissanceChris Panzer delivers a frogsplash on Mayhem!

PWR RenaissanceMayhem with a hard chop across Panzer’s chest

Panzer tried to do another Panzerschreck on Mayhem, but ti would be the referee who would get the raw end of the move. Mayhem drove Panzer down with his Rock n Roll finisher but there was no referee to count. A new referee entered but Mayhem managed to just pin Panzer up to 2. Mayhem would re-enter the ring with his trusty bat and was primed to use it, but he had a change of heart and thought otherwise. He would lock Panzer in a Boston Crab submission move for a while before he drops him with the ‘Killswitch’ for 2. Panzer would go for his third attempt at the Panzerschreck but it missed yet again and this time, Mayhem caught him for the Rock n’ Roll for the win. Both men celebrate Mayhem’s win and advancement to the tournament and Fighters 4 Hire would soon join them.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-panzer-mayhem-post-matchChris Panzer applauds his friend Mayhem for the hard-fought victory

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Panzer-vs-Mayhem3Joey Bax locks in the camel clutch on Chris Panzer

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Panzer-vs-Mayhem4Mayhem, about to get con-chair-to’d by Fighters 4 Hire

However, Bax and Rosales would attack Mayhem and Panzer after the ‘celebration’. They laid out the two men with steel chairs and would do most of the damage on Mayhem. After a brutal con-chair-to on the face of Brannigan, Rosales explained “It aint personal, Jack, this is just business”. Mayhem and Panzer would later be stretchered out of the Makati Square Arena after the F4H’s heinous assault.

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Bombay-Sebastian1Bombay and Sebastian fight upstairs

No-Holds Barred Match: John Sebastian vs. Bombay Suarez

“The Bitch Killer” and the self-proclaimed “Killer of the Bitch Killer” squared off in this very violent match. An interesting note is that John Sebastian had an entrance attire similar of that to CM Punk’s and Bombay wore a very awesome ‘It’s on like Donkey Kong’ shirt while bringing along a garbage bag full of goodies (more on this later). Things got off to a heated start with both men brawling each other with some hard blows. Sebastian grab a hold of a huge bamboo stick and punished his opponent with it on the outside. Bombay would fight back and grab said stick to deliver some hard hits towards his opponent. The fight would spill on the floor and both men would eventually brawl up to the second floor for some ‘fan interaction’. Bombay and Sebastian made their return to ringside where Bombay pulls out some bunched up sitaw (a certain kind of stringed bean vegetable) and uses it to attack Sebastian. The vegetable proved to be effective as it did a number on the Royal Flush member. Bombay pulled out an assortment of items and tossed them in the ring (some monoblock chairs, a rope, a bag of monggo, and an FHM magazine).

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-bombay-fhmYes, THIS magazine!

pwr-renaissance-Lightning-Strikes-twice-Bombay-Sebastian4Bombay hits John Sebastian with…Sitaw!

Bombay and Sebastian, back in the ring, would have one very fiery moment. Bombay used a bottle of alcohol to light one of his hands up, before he used the flaming hand to deliver a violent slap across his opponent’s chest…TWICE! The fans were in awe of Bombay’s flaming hand technique. John Sebastian would fight back and deliver a violent chair shot to Bombay that would bust the hero wide open and have him bleeding. John Sebastian delivered a nasty F.U. but Bombay kicked out at 2. Bombay fought back and both men are back on the outside again.

PWR RenaissanceBombay delivers a barrage of sandals to his opponent

PWR RenaissanceJohn Sebastian downs Bombay Suarez with a knee attack

Sebastian attempted to imitate Daniel-san with a crane kick, but Bombay caught it and converted it into an ankle lock. Sebastian was tapping out but sadly, it was outside so the match still went on. Bombay finally grabbed the garbage bag to reveal a huge collection of sandals. The sandals illicited chants of “Rated K” and “Havaianas” from the PWR faithful. Bombay had Sebastian tied up as he threw the bunch of slippers at his opponent’s direction. John Sebastian, with a spinebuster on Bombay (OUTTA NOWHERE~!) through the tray, took control of the match yet again. John Sebastian delivered a hard knee strike with the tray onto the face of Bombay. Bombay surprised Sebastian with a mist. Bombay would hit the kick of the day on Sebastian. Bombay, with the monoblock table set up in the ring was about to do something, but before he would, the huge Main Maxx made his return to the PWR ringside. Main Maxx would drive Bombay through the man-made table and placed the unconscious John Sebastian on top of Bombay for the pinfall victory. The victorious royal flush member would later be dragged to the back by Main Maxx. Bombay was about to be stretched out of ringside but the heart and soul of PWR refused the assist and made his way to the backstage on his own. This was one of the great matches of the night.

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